House Tour: Rustic chic in muted tones


Happy Friday Everyone!  I thought you’d enjoy this gorgeous home, which is not only decorated in a modest, but still elegant way, but also has some great architectural bones.


Not to pick on Lonny Magazine, but is anyone else just a little bit tired of seeing every photo so over-exposed?
Homeowner Estee gives a great design tip:  “I prefer to consider everything in terms of color, texture, and pattern, rather than in terms of period or origin.  If you concentrate on the color of a piece, rather than whether it’s Venetian or bohemian, it’s much easier to blend different styles into a single room”
Love the white on the walls and headboard with the gray wash of the wood dresser
This is such a sweet room for a little girl, and it will grow with her with just a few simple changes

Nurseries normally don’t turn my head, but this one is so serene and calm.


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