Beautiful and small: spaces to inspire small-space dwellers


This kitchen is too cute! Lots of cabinetry, and a space-saving pegboard add storage space.  Checkout out the kitchen pegboard organizer I made.

I’ve always loved this idea:  Install a shelf in a window (preferably glass, to let the light through), and you can grow some herbs, or have extra display space.
2 above via Small Space Style

This kitchen is small, but functional and pretty.

If you live small, you’ve got to think vertically when it comes to storage.  No room for nightstands doesn’t mean you have to go without the convenience of a place to put a lamp a clock, and some accessories.  This shelf does the trick just fine.  Check out my small space solution to nightstands in my former Brooklyn apartment.

Clear and glass furniture don’t take up a lot of visual space since you can see through them.

Mirrors are an old and good trick for making a space seem larger.  I always place mirrors across from the main light source in a room, usually the window, so they reflect the light and also make the space brighter.

6 images above via BHG


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