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Some of you may have noticed my newest advertiser on the left hand column – the pretty blue box that says “Lewis and Sheron Textiles.” I was surprised when they emailed me about advertising because I had just ordered some swatches from them the week before. I had heard about how great their selection/prices were from the post “Fabric Searching on the Cheap” on Cote de Texas. As some of you may remember, I was on the search for a fabric to make curtains for my new apartment. The current curtains are tan and drab and do not tie together my new Iranian rug and my sofa. Below is a picture:

Pretty drab right? Well, I got some amazing tips and suggestions from you guys, and I finally found something I like at the right price point.

The fabric I chose. (I’ll be doing a curtain reveal soon).
via Danielle Oakey Interiors

Well, several of the swatches I tested were from Lewis and Sheron, and they stood out because the swatches were the largest I received – around 18″ L by 5″ W.  Also – they were the only store to  include matching trim samples at no extra cost.

So, now that I’ve found fabric for my curtains,  I need to sew several pillow covers to create some cohesion between my drapes, rug, and sofa. So, I’ve ordered several swatches from the site, which allows me to sort by colors.  I want fabrics with reds, blues, and blacks – all of which are present in my rug.

It’s easy to select a color and see all the trims and fabrics with the selected color.

You can also search by other criteria

Your cart selections are visible on the top of the site.

Below are some of the swatches I ordered from Lewis & Sheron to see if they’ll make good matches for pillowcases.

Stay tuned later in the week for a really great giveaway from Lewis & Sheron!

disclosure* This post is sponsored by Lewis & Sheron Textiles


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