Help! I need to pick out a color for curtains in my new living room!


So, I moved into my apartment about a month ago – and there is still SO MUCH work to do. Coming up on the list is to make new curtain panels for the patio doors in my living room. My inclination is to go with white and airy – because that is probably my favorite look. However, I also feel like maybe I should explore some other possibilities.

Since I know many of you are super creative and have a great eye – I’m hoping I’ll get some fab. suggestions! Also, I’m not adverse to pattern if you have any ideas pattern-wise!

Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with!

Photoshopped “white” curtains…

the two above are taken at night with lamps on.

White in daylight

I’ve also been liking very light limes and yellows lately…

A light lemony-lime?

daylight lemony-lime

This one below is sort of “meh..” I tend to shy away from darks…but I thought I’d just throw this out there for the heck of it.


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