Loving the new trend of bright colors but afraid to try? Here’s how to start


More and more I see beautiful, bold color on the covers of home decor mags but rarely do you ever see such color in someone’s home. The reason is that, as I’m sure you know, the thought of painting your living room royal blue, or whatever your color crush, is a little scary….

The trick, and I’m sure this is no secret – is to start with a few accessories in a color you love, and then, if you are happy living with it, start adding more and more layers at a time.

For example, in the room above – maybe they just started with those fab. aqua pillows. They were happy and added the aqua lamp. Then maybe the colorful vase you see in the back. Their courage was up and maybe a few weeks or months later they add some pink pillows and those gorgeous blue curtains!
via Pier 1

Bright color is scary enough, so stick with one hue if you need to. This cornflower blue alone has big impact.
via House to Home

Really color shy? Try just adding a bright throw as seen in the two views of the living room below. Sometimes just one pop is enough to satiate your need for color…

via Alice in Designland

If you want to be a little braver – try an upholstered piece, like this gorgeous plum velvet chesterfield. Mix and match pillows and an eclectic rug keeps the space down to earth.

via House to Home

In the jewel-toned home office above, different bold colors are brought in in layers – a turquoise screen, a plum chair, and green foliage.
via House Beautiful

Now…for those of us who think we may be able to paint….

Maybe start with a washed effect of a bright color….like this pink below, which is bright but also a little translucent.

…or try going all out in a smaller space, like this purple hall, fully decked out with a vibrantly patterned chaise and that AMAZING pillow!
two above via Elle Decor

I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to do something like this but it sure is glamorous isn’t it!
via Real Simple

How about you? Have you wanted to use color but are always too scared? Is anyone living with color and loving it?


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