Making industrial style furnishings work for you


So a reader wrote me recently with a great find – this industrial metal and leather chair – but she needed some inspiration on how to balance it in her space. So I’ve rounded up a collection of spaces that are either very industrial or nod to the industrial style, so she can get some ideas on how to successfully incorporate it into her space. Any ideas/tips for her?

Here is the chair

Industrial interiors are often characterized by minimalist decor, a cool palette – a lot of grays, and materials such as brick, stone, metal, and glass. I think the key here would be to introduce the chair in a room where one or all of these characteristics are present. It doesn’t need to be completely industrial, but add a few industrial elements to balance out the chair. Whether it be a metal lamp, a steel file cabinet, or bare floors.

Plants and a gilt mirror cozy up this space.
via Willow Decor

This interior is very industrial and takes it’s inspiration from a lab. There are lots of objects that could be paired with the chair to balance it in the space.
via Taddie Tales

The palette in this dining room is very industrial – browns and grays, which visually supports the metal industrial lighting fixture.
via Sarah’s Fab Day

Metal bins and open shelves ad an industrial touch.
via Poppytalk

The chair would look great in this workspace decorated with old wire hangers and baskets.
via NSK Wood

The chair would also look at home behind this antique industrial table used as a desk.
via Great Oak Circle

via Frugal Mom

All of the above work spaces would be great fits for the chair.
two above via The New Victorian Ruralist

Metal lighting fixtures and an industrial cupboard used as a credenza – all in cool grays, create a factory atmosphere.
via The City Sage

This dining room is a good example of how to mix industrial furnishings in with other styles. The metal chairs and traditional wood pedestal table work together because decor is kept spare and minimal.

More environments where I could see the chair working.
4 above via Apartment Therapy

This space is not very industrial, but the minimal coffee table and bare floors would balance out the metal and leather of the chair.
via You’ve Got to See This

Any other ideas for Nikki?


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