Using interior design to increase your home’s value


Put simply, yes it can! Interior design projects are great for making your house look the way you want it to and feel like home, but new interior design is also a great way to boost your home’s value.

Obviously a new kitchen or bathroom suite will increase your property value, as modern fixtures and fittings are always more desirable than used, old ones. But the changes don’t have to be as extreme or as costly as this.

Making your home look more appealing can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the carpets or just getting new curtains. The more aesthetically pleasing your home is the more interest it will attract from potential buyers and therefore will increase in value.

However, although new decor will usually increase a property’s value there can be cases in which it doesn’t. When prospective buyers view a house they want to see a blank canvas to put their own mark on, so make sure to decorate with natural tones and universally appealing fixtures. You may think bright yellow with orange spots is beautiful but there are those who would disagree!

All of these images demonstrate homes that would show well. Keep personal or quirky items out of sight so potential buyers can see themselves living there.
via LivingEtc.

You should also weigh up the increase in value with the initial design costs. A new kitchen or bathroom may increase the property’s value but the increase could be less than the cost of the new fixtures! What’s more, you will also have to think about the cost of labour and the impact on your home insurance cover.

My advice would be, if you are staying put for a while and will get to enjoy the new decor than go for it! You will get use out of it and in the long term the value of your property will be healthier because of it. If however you are looking for a quick bump up in value before you move, stick to small improvements that won’t cost an arm and a leg but will still have a slight impact.

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