A little eye candy to brighten up your Monday


Mondays…blah. Especially when it’s getting so cold out! It makes it so tough for me to crawl out from under the covers when I’m toasty warm. Hopefully these chic homes with a nod to the traditional can help brighten it up a little?

The beam above the window adds a nice rustic touch without being too “look how rustic I am.”

Love the nooks for spices by the oven

Cappuccino maker!

I like the look of raw linen and canvas like they’ve used on the bar stools

This kitchen has such a 17th century Dutch air to it – even without the Vermeer

The rooms below are from another house –

A home office with gobs of natural light! Looks nice and tucked away.

Love the retro classic chair. I also like that this room, though it has modern retro elements is still most obviously lived in. Nothing is too precious. Evidence of human, and canine, life can be seen on the shelves, the coat rack, etc.

In this room I like the large prints on every wall, and of course, the lounge. I’m a sucker for a reading nook!

via Southern Living


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