Has anysone seen this travel/shopping show?


So I was introduced to this show a while back, but I don’t get the Sundance channel so I’ve never actually seen it. The show is called “Man Shops Globe,” and features Keith Johnson – buyer at large for Anthropologie. The show was described to me as such, “Cameras follow Keith from flea markets in Paris to remote villages in India and obscure art studios in Turkey in his quest for the most unique and unusual decorative objects from around the world.”

It sounded interesting so I went to the site to take a peak. From the video clips I saw it was really nice to see how Keith’s creative mind worked. He could see an inspiring object, it’s potential, and decide what it needed to be just perfect for the stores. I also think this show is good to educate viewers about the arts around the world, and what cultures are responsible for what crafts. I’m including a video clip below, and some pictures I found on the site. From what I’ve seen so far, if I had Sundance I’d probably check out this show!

A video below of shopping in India

Keith in Turkey, picking out some suzanis

Keith with designer Anna Sui in a bazaar in Syria

A mosque in Syria

An indoor market in Syria. Syria looks amazing – might have to put it on my travel list. Has anyone been?

In Casamidy, a contemporary furniture and accessories shop featuring local art. They work in close collaboration with a wide range of skilled and talented artisans based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

From Cyprus

A studio in Australia

A detail form inside Australian artist Sibella Court’s studio, The Society Inc.

Have you ever seen Man Shops Globe? I’d like to hear what you think!


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