Amazing worked in and lived in artist lofts


A reader requested a post on artist lofts – live/work spaces way back in October. Shamefully, I’m just getting to that now. There are so many great examples out there that I’m going to have to save some for future posts.

Here are some good examples of real spaces. Even if you don’t have a loft, maybe you can still find some inspiration.

Great dining/kitchen area!

The above is from a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – an artsy neighborhood I lived in for a year back in 2006/2007.
via Willow Decor via Ochs Design

The above is an artist’s loft you can rent for getaways.

Even with the exposed brick wall and factory-style windows, homey elements like the houseplants, pictures, and rug make the space more than liveable.

I’m not a fan of cowhide rugs or of bull fighting, but this bedroom is a good example of how loft dwellers can make an industrial space cozier- notice the room divider on the left

This is the area of the loft carved out to be office space.

The loft above is actually for sale in Pawtucket, RI.
via OLX

love the windows!

via Apartment Therapy via New York Magazine

The studio/work area of this tribeca loft

via NY Locations

I really like the look of lofts but I don’t know if I’d be happy living in one as I tend to like small, cozy spaces and being able to shut myself in a room alone. How about you have you lived in a loft, did you like it? If not, do you think you’d like loft living?


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