Underrated States to Invest in Real Estate


Real estate investments are a viable way for the average American to make some money in life. Before you rush off to buy or sell, here is sound advice on the best states you can invest in, right now.

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If you are thinking of starting your own property portfolio, there has never been a better time. The real estate market has exploded over the last few years. Now that it is starting to falter, prices are dropping as demand tapers off. Taking advantage of this lull in sales could be the best thing you ever do for your financial future. Here to help you, these underrated states offer great returns on your investment no matter the size of the home you buy.

The Best States in which to Invest in Property

Want to buy up some valuable real estate while the market is stalling? Placing your money in real estate allows you to safeguard your investments against challenging times. A property in your investment portfolio carries the same tangible wealth as keeping gold bullion in the bank. Here are some of the best states to create that tangible wealth in as a real estate investor.

Investing in Tennessee

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There are hundreds of great reasons why Tennessee real estate is hot on the market right now. Tennessee residents enjoy a high quality of life. The price you pay here buys you more house for your money than it does in popular states like Florida or California. The cost of living here is comparatively low and it ranks number 33 in the list of all states for education. One of the best things about Tennessee is the infrastructure. This is a region of the US that has plenty of transport links and official buildings.

Texas Real Estate

Texas is a growing trap for first time investors in real estate. With the market tapering off here, you can really see the prices starting to drop off. Consider waiting a few months until the gap between available housing and buyers plateaus the market and then go in for the kill on some great square footage. Be wary about certain areas. For example, if you are buying a house in Tornado Alley you will need to do serious weatherproofing to protect your investment. That’s something to keep in mind if you are buying property out of state.

The State of Arkansas

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One of the states that the rest of the world often forget about, Arkansas is a wonderful place to invest in some property. Ranked 14 in fiscal stability, the median income here balances nicely against the price of property… a rarity among other states. Arkansas is a middle of the road state in terms of other rankings, but residents will defend it until the death. Arkansas is famous for diamonds, ironically. There isa 38-acre diamond field and mine where visitors can dig for the precious gems themselves.

Property Portfolios Can Cross State Lines

You can invest in property in different areas of the states. If you plan to rent that property out, there’s nothing to stop you from reaching for the stars.

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