The Future of the Divorce Process


As we move to a system directed by common law that follows the original constitution, we should expect to see the entire divorce process change. Suddenly, our marriage certificates will become meaningless and the decision to stay together will be a matter of free will. That free will shall be governed by common law.

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In a common law marriage, what binds the couple together is an agreement, often verbal. There is no official marriage certificate. There are only a handful of states in the U.S. that currently recognize common law marriage. In fact, if you have a common law marriage and move out of the state to a state that does not recognize common law marriage, you must first offer proof that your marriage honored the rules of common law marriage in the state where you previously resided.

Counter to popular opinion, The American Bar Association did not follow the original constitution. Our original constitution was replaced without public awareness and gave power back to England. At that time, Washington D.C. began operating as a foreign entity on domestic soil.

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Now that the current constitution, a corporation, is bankrupt, attorneys who want to continue practicing law must be retrained in common law. Once this change has been officially recognized, the public will approach the divorce process in a completely different way. Under common law, the assets acquired by one person are deemed to belong to that person unless put in title for both people. This is the opposite approach of community property which deems that all assets acquired during the course of the marriage shall be shared equally.

Common law applies both to physical assets such as homes, money, investments, etc. and to tangible assets which may be leases, trademarks, patents, etc.

But the biggest surprise may come when the public learns that marriage certificates awarded in the past are no longer valid. When that happens, every marriage becomes a common law marriage and if the couple decides they don’t agree to remain married, they can simply walk away. Often, there are assets tied to the marriage to be sorted, but in new marriages where the couple may rent, the divorce process becomes very easy. They can simply agree to split, pack their bags and move on with their lives.

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The unfair court system will be replaced with a new system. We can only speculate what that will look like, but the days of couples going broke while divorce drags on for years in court are coming to a close. Knowing this, you have to ask yourself why you need an official piece of paper from the government to deem your relationship legal? The government has found a way to regulate and charge us for every aspect of our lives and we have just accepted it as normal throughout history. This chapter in history is now coming to a close and choosing to be in a relationship with someone will be our choice alone without government intervention in the future.

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