The 3 Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid


When you make some mistakes decorating your home, at least the only people to realize it are the guests that pop over. When you make decorating faux pas outside your home then they are on full display for everybody to see.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about how you decorate inside since only your friends and family will see. You should make sure that your home is as cozy and delightful as possible when you have people over but also for yourself.

Bright designed living room with sofa, armchair and coffee table
Used with permission of Jack Gardner

In this article, we will go over several mistakes that are common when decorating your home.

1. Too much white

White paint is good as a base to keep the rooms bright and airy. However, too much white is overwhelming. It lacks texture and depth and ends up making the space look sterile.

It’s ok to paint most of the room white but try to add some accents. For instance, one wall can be painted another color to break up so much white. Or, you can add a border about halfway up the wall with either another color on the bottom half or, use some peel-and-stick wallpaper panels with whatever design you like. Distressed wood gives a cool and rustic effect that works well with white.

2. Wrong window treatments

Window with flowers and statues
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Often the right decorating scheme is ruined by the wrong window treatments. Usually, it’s because the drapes or curtains are the wrong pattern or material. For instance, if your theme is a rustic country look and you have thick, red velvet drapes, they ruin the entire look of the room.

Another issue is that there should be the right length curtains for the windows. Curtains that are too short look funny and out of place. They make the room look completely out of sorts. Such a small detail can make for a much more powerful mistake than many realize. The ideal length of drapes is that they are right above the floor or even gently skimming it.

3. Too many themed rooms

It’s ok to have an overarching theme for the entire house. Even just a single room with a theme works, too. Having many rooms with their own themes competing with each other is something that is all too common a mistake. It creates a totally disjointed feel for the home and takes away from any efforts to make it comfortable.

Bright-designed bedroom
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

When you have these contrasts, it can end up creating a feeling that’s unsettled. And often, a theme will eventually get boring and you’ll feel the need to redecorate.

Instead of doing this, you should try to have a design style that ties the whole house together. Don’t make it over the top or too perfectly coordinated. Just have a decorating style rather than an actual theme. A country barn style that incorporates elements in a way that is harmonious is the idea. Or, a Mediterranean villa with accents of wood and stone works very well.

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