Should You Try A DIY Approach To Home Security?


The world is a dangerous place!

You know you need to do everything to keep your home, family, and hard-earned belongings safe from criminals.

If just talking about home security does make you feel its importance, perhaps the following statistic will!

Almost 2 million home burglaries happen every year in America. That means the time difference between two consecutive burglaries is only 13 seconds.

As we speak, a home is being looted!

– What makes it easy for thieves to get into homes?

– It’s the lack of a home security system!

A home without the right security is like an open door for thieves. Before selecting a house for conducting the crime, Thieves ensure that the homes do not have a home security system. If a home has a security system, thieves avoid looting that house.

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Why Is Home Security Important?

Only 17% of the houses have any kind of home security system in America! And thieves know that.

The lack of a home security system allows the thieves to enter the home through the unlocked doors, windows, garages, or basements.

Knowing these statistics will give you an idea of why having a home security system in place is a good decision. To know more about the importance of home security, you can talk to a professional. If interested, visit now to get the best quote.

Having said that, you might now wonder which method (DIY or Hiring professional) is the best to install a home security system.

Both are possible. But to understand which brings the tailor-made solution, it’s best to understand the differences.

DIY Vs. Professional Home Security: Which One To Choose?

When someone compares DIY and professional home security installation, the first thing that comes to their mind – How can you compare the two? Although both approaches try to achieve the same thing, they are different by a huge margin.

When it comes to professionally installed home security systems, there are many companies offering their services. Some have been into the business for decades and have earned a stellar reputation.

In the case of DIY, you can get all the gadgets and products to install in your house, but without the knowledge to use them, they are just used less. To use them, you must go through a learning curve.

Here are the feature comparisons that will help you understand the differences.

1. Plans & Contracts

When you are Doing-It-Yourself, you just need to invest in the equipment and need to purchase an extra plan for monitoring purposes. This plan can vary from $5 to $100, depending on your needs. 

However, the same thing cannot be said for the professionals’ home security system. There is a bottom line you need to maintain with professional home security. In addition, the monitoring charges are higher than the DIY projects.

There are small home security upgrades; doing it yourself might be a great way to save money. However, if there are some major installations, seek professional help.

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2. 24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring is one of the popular features while people go for a professional home security system. Different devices are connected to one security system and track any movement.

You can customize the alarms based on the security levels. With the integration of smart devices, you can get notifications on your smartphone. You can see who is trying to enter your house with just a click.

On the other hand, DIY only allows self-monitoring. That means you need to be present in the room actually to find who is trying to break in.

3. Customization

Customization is one of the reasons why most people go with the DIY approach. But, on the other hand, the professionals doing the home security installation for you plan most of the things and are rigid with the plans.

However, with DIY, you can’t plan everything for yourself. Instead, you can use the equipment you like and however you like.

Professional home security services come with a price that might not fit your budget. In that case, going with the DIY might be a good option. However, you might not be able to get all the devices in place.

But, hey, at least you are within the budget.

4. Price

The price for the equipment set up by a professional or by yourself is the same; the only factor determining the price change is how you will use the equipment. 

Packages for the equipment set by the professionals will generally cost more than a DIY project. The reason is simple – Hardware and monitoring services.

Yes, after reading professional services cost more, you might bend towards DIY projects. But do so after knowing the pros professional services bring to the table.

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5. Customer Support & Warranties

While you are contemplating which method is best for installing a home security system, do not forget about the customer services and warranties.

When you are doing DIY projects and installing equipment on your own, you have to keep track of every equipment’s warranty period and needs to ensure everything runs smoothly.

But with the professional services, you can leave all these tasks to them and focus on spending quality time with friends.

Should You Try A DIY Approach?

Now you know the differences both the methods cater to. It is up to you to decide which method is right for you. 

While you are considering both the methods, try to look for quality and the type of protection they offer. This will help you make better decisions with your selection.

The important thing is that you take your time to understand the right security for your family, home, and belongings and give them what they deserve.

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