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Your house could have the most beautiful and elegant furniture, but if the walls are bare, your decor will look unfinished. Indeed, bare walls can make a room look boring and unappealing, so to avoid this issue, it’s a good idea to think of different wall decorations that could complement each room in your house. There are many options to choose from, including wall art, wall hangings, and mirrors, so read on to discover the best wall decor ideas for your home.

Living room with shelfs, plant and armchairs
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Wall art:

One of the most obvious solutions to a bare-looking wall is to hang up some wall art. This can include abstract pieces, illustrations or photos of famous scenery, or canvas prints. In particular, canvas prints can be a great addition to your Christian Wall Decor, especially since there are many online services, such as Hello Canvas, that will print your treasured photos on high-quality material. By ordering these canvas prints, you can display your photos of holiday destinations or your family photos in your home. This will brighten your mood whilst also adding much-needed decoration to your walls.

Another great idea that would effortlessly add character to any plain-looking wall is to showcase replicas of cool armor, weaponry, or historical apparatus. Stuff like medieval claymores, scimitars, and Khopesh swords are easy favorites. Props and gizmos from different eras, video games, and fictional cultures are also fantastic alternatives to decorate your space.


Mirrors are also fantastic for decoration. Mirrors are usually used for checking your appearance, but they’re also great for adding some decoration to your walls and even making your room look larger by reflecting light. Placing a mirror perpendicular to the window will create the best effect for brightening the room and making it seem bigger than it really is. 

Bedroom with table, mirror and plant
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Like mirrors, clocks are also multifunctional. For practical reasons, clocks are a great wall decoration since they’ll help you to always be on time, but for aesthetic reasons, clocks are also desirable because they can be found in a multitude of designs. If you prefer a minimalistic look, you could opt for a faceless clock design that simply shows the frame and hands, or if you like traditional styles, you could buy a clock with a classic wooden frame and Roman numerals.


Shelves are perfect wall decorations because they allow you to display so many different items. For example, you could display photos, trinkets, souvenirs from your travels, books, plants, or even awards and trophies if you have them. The shelves themselves can also be a crucial part of the decoration if you choose the right material and colour to complement the room.

Wall hangings:

Living room with coffee table with flower decoration
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Tapestry wall hangings are particularly good decorations for your bedroom since they can create a softer, more comfortable atmosphere. Depending on your preferences, you could choose abstract patterns, bold colours, or even a particular artistic image. Surrounding the wall hanging with fairy lights can complete the warm and inviting ambience, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed weeknight with the family or a romantic date night with your partner. 

With the five ideas listed above, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for decorating your home. Now, in addition to having the right furniture and a beautifully coordinated colour scheme, you can complete your perfect home with the best wall decorations to suit each room. 

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