Reasons to Use High-Quality Banners in Trade Shows


Trade shows are events where salesmen get the chance to talk face-to-face with their clients. Walk around any exhibition hall and you’re sure to see numerous banner stands.

Why do banner stands work so well in these settings?

Here are some reasons why banner stands, banner ads, banners – whatever you want to call them – are an effective advertising technique for trade shows:

Banner advertisement

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  • When people see a banner advertisement, they’re usually curious about what it has to say. It piques their interest, and that’s the first step in establishing a connection between your business and its customers. A banner is also a physical object that can be taken away from a trade show – something you don’t get with traditional advertising methods such as TV ads.
  • In other words, banners have tangible value. Potential clients can study them at length when they get home, so banner advertisements are more likely to result in word-of-mouth marketing than other forms of advertising because of this unique characteristic. Banners establish brand awareness better than commercials because people remember banner ads better than advertisements they see on their TV screens.
  • Banner ads are also cost-effective because banner stands are usually cheaper than print ads, especially when you consider banner stands’ long shelf life. Printed banner advertisement
  • Printed banner advertisements run for a limited time only, but banner ads remain around after the trade show for as long as people can remember their contents. Banner stands do not go obsolete easily because banner designs are typically simple, featuring high-contrast colors and text that’s easy to read. Since banner advertisement prices vary according to how much space is taken up by text and other elements, you can get away with using relatively small banners for your trade show advertising needs.

Why Are Banners Effective For Trade Shows?

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  • Companies may spend thousands on banner advertisements for trade shows, but the benefits of banner stands often outweigh the costs. Compared to other forms of advertising such as TV commercials and print ads, banner stands provide better value for money because they’re useful long after the event is over.
  • Since banner ads are printed in small sizes, banner advertisement prices are also relatively cheap compared to print ad prices.
  • Banner advertisements are also memorable – people remember billboards more than ads they see on TV or in magazines because banners occupy them for much longer periods of time. They may only spend a few seconds watching your commercial before changing channels, but banner recipients can keep your banner stand around as long as they want before disposing it later.
  • After examining these reasons why banner advertisement work so well in trade shows, banner stands are likely to be promoted more frequently as time goes by.
  • Banner stands are a great way to advertise your business. They’re relatively cheap compared to print ads, but effective. Do you have any other reasons why you love using banners? Share them in the comments! You can find a lot of different types of custom-made banners here.


3D stands are one of the most popular types of trade show displays. They’re eye-catching because they stand out from other types of tradeshow booth design. Tradeshow goers will remember your company better if you use a 3D display to market to them. If you want more information on tradeshow displays, check out our article here! Why Use A 3D Display?

A lot of companies think that opting for cheap 3D print ads is the best way to go when it comes to establishing brand awareness. While cheap laser cut banners may be perfect for advertising smaller products, 3D stands are often necessary for promoting large items such as cars, boats, and smartphones.

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