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Glass Express offers creative, decorative, and functional solutions for all your residential and office glass needs. There are big differences between commercial and residential glass, and Glass Express chooses the best option for your needs. Residential glass often comes in unique shapes for decorating purposes, and commercial glass typically has a stronger structure and special window coatings to reduce glare, deflect excess heat and filter sunlight.

Differences Between Residential and Office Glass

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Residential and commercial glass aren’t interchangeable for important reasons. Big differences in thickness and structure serve different purposes. Office glass often filters UV rays while allowing more bright light to shine through. Office glass needs to withstand high winds, rain and hailstorms. The fact that office windows are usually larger requires a different, more shatter-resistant structure.

Houses, however, have markedly different glass needs. Windows are usually smaller, and houses rarely consist of more than three stories. That means high-pressure winds usually aren’t problems except during hurricanes or tornadoes. Decorative issues, however, become more important. One decorative example that’s often overlooked by homeowners is stained or dichroic art glass.

Beautiful stained and dichroic glass can make a signature design statement, serve as a focal point and favorably impress your friends, neighbors and household guests. The benefits of stained-glass windows in your home include:

  • Make a unique design statement.
  • Increase privacy, or create a custom private space in your home
  • Increase the value and curb appeal of your home.
  • Enjoy multiple options for self-expression.
  • Customize stained glass to suit your personality, design preferences or the needs of other family members.

The Tremendous Benefits of Stained-Glass Windows in Your Home

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At one-time, stained-glass windows were only used by churches with large budgets, public offices, and wealthy individuals. The techniques and technologies used to produce stained glass have evolved considerably in recent years, and stained-glass windows are now affordable for average people. The tremendous decorative and functional benefits of stained-glass windows in your home include the following:

Add a Unique Style to Any Room

The incredibly rich colors and style of stained glass complements any room or decorating style. These windows serve as a decorative focal point because of their strong visual appeal. They can brighten any space, cast stunning patterns, and create a formal atmosphere. However, you can lighten the style by telling a lighthearted visual story or interesting geometric patterns. Stained glass has the power to generate an emotional response and set a tone.

Foster a Sense of Privacy

Stained glass windows offer stronger privacy from outside viewers than regular windows. Nobody notices what people are doing when they first view a stained-glass window. The rich textures, vivid colors and ornate design of stained-glass windows make it almost impossible to see through them. You can keep your shades open or forego window treatments entirely. You never have to sacrifice natural light for privacy. If you’re particularly concerned about privacy, you can choose frosted glass-stained windows at Glass Express.

Stained Glass Increases Your Home’s Value and Appeal

Everyone views stained glass windows favorably, and the windows can serve as a major selling point when trying to sell your home. Stained glass increases the value of your home and your personal equity. The space between the panes provides an extra layer of window insulation that helps to reduce energy costs of heat and air conditioning. You can also choose double glazing as an option to further increase your energy savings. The curb appeal of stained-glass windows instantly distinguishes your home from others in a most favorable way.

Versatile Design Options of Stained-Glass Windows

You have expanded design options when choosing to install stained glass windows from Glass Express. You can choose from different designs, shapes, colors, textures and even types of glass. All these options allow you to create a design that’s totally unique and sets the mood you want.

Options for Customization

You have more customization options with stained glass than regular windows that are often pre-manufactured to exact specifications. You can customize the size and shape of the window, the level of transparency and the materials used to create a signature design statement that nobody else can easily match.

Stained glass windows last between 75 and 150 years as long as you use quality materials. At Glass Express, we use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, so you won’t have to worry about how long your windows will last. Your heirs can restore the windows, which is a common technique to reclaim stained glass.

Stained Glass Windows for Homes, Offices, Art Studios and Commercial Businesses

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At Glass Express, our experience with both commercial and residential glass makes it possible for us to design commercial stained-glass windows for commercial use. Possibilities include home-based businesses, commercial shops, religious institutions, art studios, offices, and cubicle partitions. You can create something subtle or bold to reflect your personality or business concept.

We design and install stained glass windows in any home or office and provide stained glass restoration services. Think of the appeal of repurposing stained glass from a church that’s been forced to close to keep the memory alive in your home, business, or new church.

We utilize all safety procedures of working with leaded stained glass, and it’s perfectly safe to have stained glass in your home with children. Just make sure they know not to lick the glass and educate them on safety procedures around the glass. Lead in glass poses far less risk than lead paint. The lead used in stained glass only poses a health risk if directly inhaled or ingested. Unless you have highly adventurous children who taste everything, the small amount of lead in the paint and solder poses no health risks.

Contact Glass Express for Residential or Office Glass Needs

Contact Glass Express for any residential or office glass needs. You can also ask any questions you have about stained-glass windows for your home, office, or business. We’re always happy to provide an estimate of costs and a projected timeline for installation of your custom stained-glass windows.

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