Bathroom Improvement Tips


You don’t have to have an entire bathroom re-fit to transform your space into pure luxury. Equally, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. We have the ultimate tips for transforming your bathroom at home to give you a space of pure luxury and relaxation. Keep reading to find out how!

Colour Scheme

Bathroom with designed bath tub, mirror and sink
Used with permission of Melanie Gowen

By sticking to a neutral theme in your bathroom you are encouraging an easier transition in colour scheme in the future. Creating a more versatile bathroom environment will ensure you have a more sustainable design that you will love for longer. With a neutral base you can introduce colour through your soft furnishings, flower arrangements, diffusers, and blinds.


Whilst you’re not re-fitting your entire bathroom, we feel it’s important to have a good shower with great temperature control and pressure, so you feel as if you’re having luxury treatment with every use. We recommend a mixer shower to combine the water with temperature precision for a reliable and luxurious shower experience every single time.


Bathroom with tub and sink
Used with permission of Kira David Design

If you’re not keen on the colour or pattern of your bathroom tiles, you can replace with something cleaner and simpler, or you can paint them with good old tile paint. Simply switching up the design with a fresh lick of paint can transform your entire room so quickly and effectively. Again, stick with the neutral theme so you have the ability to easily change up your colour scheme in the future without having to make big expensive changes. Something white, grey, or beige would be perfect.


Lighting is the foundation of a good bathroom, particularly if it is lacking in natural lighting. If you can, you should try and maximise natural lighting as much as possible, using a simple linen blind for the window and no curtains. For your vanity mirror you should have lighting either side to encourage symmetry, with a statement feature light over any freestanding baths. If your bath and shower is built in, simple spotlights will fit perfectly with vanity lighting.


Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Plants in your bathroom should always be a consideration. With the ability to bring colour to your space, plants can lift the mood and create a lovely space to be in. Adding shelving to home your plants, particularly those that trail is a beautiful addition to your space.  

Feature Pieces

If your space allows, we recommend featuring a free-standing piece of furniture such as a ladder shelf or statement chair. Chairs are a beautiful addition to your bathroom particularly if the room is sizeable and featuring large open spaces that need to be filled. If the space doesn’t allow, you can compensate the space with woven baskets or a storage unit to home extra soap, toothbrushes, and toilet rolls.

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