Unique Decor Clock Ideas For Every Home Interior Design Theme


Every home needs a few clocks to keep track of time throughout the day, ensure you wake up on time every morning, or simply add to your exquisite interior design theme.

Clocks are functional decor items as well. However, when choosing the most suitable clocks for your home, you might be wondering what options are out there. So, we’ve listed some of the more unique options for you to consider. Instead of opting for a regular bland option, these clocks will add to your interior appeal.

Nautical Clocks

A nautical clock is most suitable for a breezy beach-themed home interior. However, they can also be used for vintage home themes. These clocks are exceptionally intricate in terms of design. Because they hold a vintage element, they are generally great decor investments that can be used as statement pieces in various areas of your home.

You can consider using nautical clocks in the living room, entrance hall, or best yet, in your home office for a professional yet vintage sea-side vibrance.

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Vintage Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather clocks are undeniably one of the most vintage types of timekeepers out there, and they are excellent accent pieces for your home as these large clocks are great for drawing attention.

These vintage clocks can be pretty pricey, though, so if you are hoping to save a bit when purchasing this unique and age-old clock design, you can consider shopping around at second-hand markets, online vintage stores, or even asking around the family. If you find an affordable grandfather clock that’s not working, repairing and refurbishing the timekeeper will still be more affordable than purchasing a pricey authentic grandfather clock that’s in perfect condition.

Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized wall clocks have become quite a prominent trend in home interior design in recent years. And the best part of this trend is that it can be used in most interior themes, although you should select the clock style with care.

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These are ordinary wall clocks, just much larger and attention-grabbing than standard size options. You can consider modern minimalist designs, vintage roman numerals, or even contemporary unique designs depending on the theme of your home.

The oversized wall clock is available in so many different styles and designs, and better yet, they’re one of the more affordable timekeeper options on the market.

Digital Modern Clocks

Of course, there are a ton of modern options on the market as well. And some of the unique options include digital word wall clocks. These work differently from regular clocks, as they don’t have hands but rather digital words that light up according to the time.

They are both affordable and practical for modern interiors, and you’ll have several options to choose from as well. So, you can consider minimalist modern clocks with no numbering and a chrome finish frame. The options to consider are just about endless when it comes to modern digital clocks.

Photo by Logan Cameron on Unsplash

Creative Wall Clocks

Creative wall clocks can be created with a DIY approach if you have a knack for creating unique items. And if you enjoy DIY projects, you should also consider other great DIY decor ideas such as chunky knit throw blankets, fun cushion creations, metal wall art projects, and many others.

However, you’ll also find several options on the market that are pretty unique and creatively artistic. So, if you aren’t too fond of DIY projects, you can still find something in this category of clocks to suit your preferences.

These clocks are generally unusual looking, with knives and forks used for tracking clock numbers or a series of different-sized wall clocks hung on the wall like a clock collage. Mirror clocks are also pretty creative. However, the options are endless when choosing innovative artistic clock designs, as there is genuinely no limit to art and creativity.

When picking the correct clock for your home, you should consider a few essential factors before you start shopping around. First, you should consider your budget, as this may dictate what kind of clocks you can afford. Next, you should consider the general theme of your home; you want your clock additions to fit in just right without seeming out of place.

And lastly, you should consider how many clocks you would need. It’s never a great idea to have multiple clocks of the exact same design, so if you have a larger home, you should shop around for different home clocks of a similar design to keep things unique. Thanks to Chelsea Clock for consulting.


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