Why Deck Up Your Home With Custom Neon Signs


Your home is not just your haven, but it is a replica of your taste. No investment sounds too big when it comes to creating an incredible look and feel of your personal space. You will want the best furniture, prettiest paint colors, premium furnishings, and luxurious décor elements for your living space. It is easy to forget about lighting when you have such a long checklist to tick. But lighting is perhaps the most vital element as it accentuates everything else around. When it comes to lighting, you need to think beyond bulbs, sconces, and lamps. Custom neon signs are emerging as a popular lighting décor element. Here are some reasons to deck up your place with neon signs for home.

Neon adds color

Photo by Victor on Unsplash

Incorporating color is the best way to add personality to your home. You can paint the walls in your favorite hues and stick to the color scheme for the living space, but it isn’t enough. Neon lights bring a splash of fun, a finishing touch you will love. It brightens up the walls with minimal effort and investment. The best thing about neon signs is that they are subtle, but illuminate the other décor elements around. Moreover, they come in unique hues that would look too bright if chosen for larger areas like the walls or furniture.

Narrate a story

Industrial designed bedroom with double bed
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

The detail of your home design tells a lot about you- your aesthetics, preferences, and perspective. With custom LED neon signs, you can go the extra mile with storytelling. Pick a quote that defines your values, belief, and mindset. You can even make clever use of shapes and pictograms to narrate a story. The possibilities are endless because you have the freedom to customize the signs on the walls of your living space. Think what you want, and you can order exactly the same. Not surprisingly, this is one décor element that no discerning homeowner wants to miss out on.

Highlight focal points

Dark designed living room
Used with permission of Sally Wheat

Another reason to choose neon signs for decking up your space is the most obvious one. It lets you create an ambiance by highlighting focal points and illuminating dull walls and corners. A focal point draws attention and creates a lasting impression, but only if you have unique ideas to accentuate it. Neon signs are perhaps the best way to do it. They make the point visible, add a pop of light, and give the place an intimate look. Whether you want to accentuate an accent wall in your living room or create a cozy reading nook in the bedroom, a neon sign can just do the trick.

Neon signs are great as décor elements because they are inexpensive and easy to integrate. You only need to pick a sign, choose an area to install it, and plug and play to illuminate the same. They last forever and do not use up a lot of power. There are plenty of reasons to use this incredible décor element. But the most important one is that everyone loves them! Thanks to all the companies linked above.


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