What Types of Damage Can Clogged Gutters Cause?


It is recommended that you clean your gutters every six months or use a K-Guard Gutter System to help prevent clogged gutters. Outdoor debris and elements, such as leaves, sticks, pests, trash, and dirt can all land in the gutter, causing a clog. This can prevent water in the gutter from flowing to the downspout. Water will accumulate in the trough and once it fills up, it may overflow the gutter. This can cause a number of problems and can lead to damage. Here is some of the damage that can occur when gutters become clogged. 

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Foundation Problems

One of the problems that can arise from clogged gutters is foundation problems. Gutters help to catch falling water from the roof and guide it to a downspout, where the water can be discarded away from your home. This helps to prevent the water from falling near the foundation and puddling or pooling there. When water puddles or pools near the foundation, it can cause the soil around the foundation to shift or move, leading to cracks in the foundation. Foundation problems can be very expensive to fix, so preventing them is important. 

Siding Damage

Another issue that can arise from gutters being clogged is siding damage. As water overflows the troughs of your gutter, it has to fall downward. In doing so, it may fall directly on the siding of your home. While siding is designed to withstand some water, most siding is not designed to withstand a steady stream of water constantly flowing down it. This can cause the siding to begin to rot or warp. It can also allow water to seep through the siding, through your building materials, and into the interior walls of your home. You may notice water stains on the wall, warping or mold, or mildew growth. 

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Gutter Issues

Gutter problems are another issue that clogged gutters can cause. Gutters are designed to transport water falling off of the roof. They are not designed to have large amounts of water and debris constantly sitting in them. As the water and debris sit in the gutter, it can weigh the gutter down. This can cause the gutter to become misshapen or can cause the gutter to start to split or separate at the seams. Sitting water can also cause gutters to become rusty. The reason why this is important to you is that it can mean that you have to spend money to replace your gutters sooner than you would have to if you properly maintain your gutters. 

used with permission from Millhaven Homes

Roof Damage

When your gutters are clogged, roof damage can occur. When gutters are completely full, the water in the trough may be sitting on the roofline, and may prevent water from flowing into the gutter. If it is freezing outside, then this can lead to water freezing on the roof. If it is not freezing, it can lead to water damage. This can shorten the lifespan of your roof or lead to problems such as roof leaks. 

Landscaping Issues

The final issue that can develop due to clogged gutters is landscaping issues. Water that should be deposited away from your home is now falling off the roof into your planters, flower beds, and grass area. Puddling and pooling water can be damaging to your plants, causing bark chips to be displaced or lead to brown spots in your yard. Cleaning your gutters helps the gutters to catch water as it falls off the roof, allowing it to be deposited away from your landscaping and home. 

Clogged gutters can cause a large number of problems and lead to expensive repairs. Unfortunately, keeping your gutters clean is not something that everyone has the time to do. This is where the K-Guard Gutter System can come in. The K-Guard Gutter System helps to cover your gutters, helping to prevent anything other than water from entering the gutter trough. This reduces the frequency in which you need to clean your gutters and reduces the chances of major gutter problems arising. Thanks to K-Guard Rocky Mountains for consulting.


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