Importance Of Sanitizing Your Water Cooler


Whether it’s your home or office, a water cooler has become an integral part of providing us with clean drinking water. However, most people forget these machines also need regular servicing to stay effective. While sanitizing might seem an overwhelming task, it is crucial for its effectiveness.

Water coolers are convenient machines and require little maintenance. But you need to keep it sanitized to get the most out of it. But the question is, how do you go about it?

How To Clean Water Coolers?

You can clean your water cooler by following some simple steps. But if you are not confident, get in touch with a technician who will clean it professionally for you.

  • Unplug the water dispenser from the electrical socket
  • Using vinegar solution is a natural way to clean your cooler.
  • Once you unplug the cooler, drain out the excess water. Then, take the lid off the reservoir and wash it entirely with a cloth and dish soap.
  • Fill the bottle with a solution and scrub it off with a brush. Drain the key entirely and dispose of the solution
  • Fill the reservoir with clean and cold water and replace the water continuously.
  • Please don’t forget to clean the outside of your water cooler by wiping it down with warm water and dish soap.

How Often Should You Clean The Water Cooler?

Maintaining a schedule is one of the best ways to keep your water cooler. Inspect it at least once every month, and don’t forget to flush it every week. The tap handle of water coolers carries germs, so you should take additional steps to eliminate any dirt.

You can contact a technician and maintain your cooler through a service schedule. It will also consider any repairs during the process.

Why Does Your Water Cooler Need Sanitizing?

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It’s essential to cleanse your water filtration system regularly. A few nemeses of water create the right conditions for germs to flourish and contaminate water coolers.


Humidity or moisture is a leading cause of contamination inside your water cooler. As you switch on the dispenser, it creates the right amount of heat for germs to pass into the water. Fortunately, small doses of this bacteria are harmless but can create problems when you don’t sanitize your water filters regularly.


Water starts to become palish green when exposed to sunlight for a long time. It happens when water is exposed to air, and a water purifier is kept exposed to the sun. Also, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs to breed and contaminate your filtration system.

You could move your dispenser to a shade to avoid this problem or contact a reputed service team for inspection.

Contamination Through Outside Sources

There might be cases when germs from the outside pass on to your filters. It usually happens when you are filling up the bottles. You can take some specific preventive measures to avoid this issue. Wiping off the dispenser tap with a sanitizing spray is an excellent way to begin your hygiene regimen.

Airborne Dust

Dust and grime will settle on the top of your water dispenser no matter how clean you keep it. So wipe down your water cooler now and then and keep it in a well-ventilated area. You can also contact a certified water cooler cleaning company to keep it in top shape.

Maintaining a good water cooler sanitizing schedule comes with lots of benefits like keeping sickness at bay. In addition, you will notice that your water will taste a lot better, and water dispensers will last for a long time.

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