3 Different Types of Security You Need to Consider for Your Home


Home security is a great method of helping to protect your family and yourself from dangers that could occur. Burglaries, break in’s, vandalism and even fires can all occur whether you expect it or not and so it is always best to be prepared for the worst. 

The three types of security methods I will tell you about will allow you to sleep peacefully and calmly knowing that you are safe and sound.

Monitor Security System:

Exterior of the small, white house and garden in front of the house
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Monitor security systems are probably the most valuable and prized forms of home security as they are designed to monitor the perimeter of your house during both daylight and night hours. You are able to access your monitor from multiple devices, so it is comfortable for your condition and lifestyle, most are accessible by your mobile phone. This allows you to watch and monitor your home from wherever you are no matter the location.

As well as allowing you to view any activity it is surprisingly actually able to detect early warnings of a fire through smoke. They are installed with the ability to detect any changes in surrounding heat, alerting you instantly and in most cases, this can actually help save your life.

Many different ranges of monitor security systems can also allow you to call for help through the system. Family members and friends can be contacted when you are in danger whether the monitor picks it up or you press a button which is an emergency button, it allows others to be aware of an emergency taking place. This feature is great for elder family members and young children who may struggle with devices.

This method of security is great for both you and your family and your property, keeping you all safe. You are able to purchase many different types of packs that fit your property and your needs.  

Security Dogs:

Used with permission of Blackband Design

Definitely not a common and ordinary method but actually used by quite a few people for big homes and properties. This form of security is definitely advised to not be left alone as these highly trained canines must be handled by licensed dog handlers.

Dog security is extremely expensive however can be very rewarding which is many private clients and business invest in this form of security. These highly trained dogs are trained for your security needs, providing security and protection for your personal self and property ensuring your safety.

Unlike other security methods, this canine method is most definitely the most intimidating method and sets a clear message to any potential burglars/intruders that there is no point in continuing.  

You definitely cannot just order security dogs online however you can hire the service through specialised organisations that are licensed and proper.

Outdoor Sensor Lighting:

White house
Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay

Outdoor sensors lighting allows you to be alert to any motion happening outside of your property. This method is very simple and even cost effective and a great way to still protect your home/property against intruders who are up to no good.

Like monitor security systems, outdoor sensor lighting comes in many different forms that are tailored to your needs and property to ensure its efficiency. A few of the most common forms are PIR security lighting, Dusk to dawn security lighting, Hi-Lo security lighting, Solar and Led energy saving options. This great variety and many more make it easier to choose a type that can improve your security on a budget.

These lights are available online and in shops so there is definitely no shortage of this security.

I hope these three methods are beneficial and help you to make the right decision for yourself and your property. Thanks to metropolitansecurity.net for consulting.


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