3 Ways to Embrace an Industrial Home Design


When it comes to home design, there’s an almost endless number of styles to choose from. Will you go Bohemian? Classical? Mid-century? Unlike other aspects of your home, your choice of home decor and design is entirely up to you and your preferences.

Dark designed living room
Used with permission of Sally Wheat

One of the most popular decorating styles of them all is industrial. With an industrial home design, your focus will be on metal, wood, and brick. Furniture is understated with harsh lines.

If industrial interior design sounds like the choice for you, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are a few ideas for incorporating this style into your home. Read on to learn more.

1. Use a Natural Color Palette

When you’re looking for industrial home decor, the main element to keep in mind is your color palette. An industrial style means using lots of neutral browns, as well as black and white.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have subtle splashes of color here and there, but an industrial palette is traditionally austere.

For example, you could pair an exposed brown brick wall with a wooden and steel coffee table, a black rug, and a white couch. The primary colors in this room are brown and white, with splashes of black. The trick is to incorporate black without making the room feel dark and cramped.

2. Go Minimal

Industrial designed bedroom with double bed
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

Unlike cozier design styles, an industrial interior design calls for a minimalistic approach. This can be beneficial in more ways than one, as decluttering can work wonders on your mental health in addition to creating the industrial vibe you’re going for.

Stick to the basics and be careful not to overcrowd any room. Your spaces should be as open and airy as possible. An open floor plan is great for this particular style, but if you’re working with closed-off spaces, keep the furniture and decor to a minimum. A large piece of artwork and a distressed leather couch goes a long way.

3. Industrial-Style Lighting Is Key

It’s easy to overlook your lighting when you’re designing your home’s interior, but a well-chosen light fixture can change the feel of a room entirely. Because of this, you should choose industrial-style lighting whenever possible.

These are usually metal fixtures in either a metallic color or black. Like other decor pieces, industrial-style light fixtures are minimal. Some are even simply a decorative bulb hung from a cable.

Whether you’re choosing light fixtures or other decor pieces, be mindful of the materials you use with your industrial home decor. The Benefits of Tungsten Cable, for instance, outweigh many other types of metal.

Bring an Industrial Home Design to Life With These Tips

Industrial designed dining room
Used with permission of Sally Wheat

Unlike the soft, natural vibes of bohemian or country design, an industrial home design focuses on sharp lines and rougher textures. That said, don’t feel constrained to one design style.

These tips can help you with an industrial style, but if you want to add elements of other types of decor, do it! Having a fearless streak when designing your home will only help to make your interior design even more uniquely you.

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