7 Things to Look for When Choosing New Windows for Your Home


Not all windows are made equal. Here’s how to find the right ones for you!

There are loads more window style and design choices than you think there are. Whether you are updating for energy efficiency reasons, going through a refurbishment, or just looking for a new look, windows can be overwhelming.

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Used with permission of Katie Destefano

We put together this quick, 7-point guide to getting the windows you need, want, and love. Read on for guidance on making the best choice…

The 7 Things to Consider when Window Shopping

Window shopping isn’t difficult – it’s just time consuming. Arm yourself with our knowledge and make sure you find what you are looking for.

1. The Seller

Where are you getting your windows from? Is it a US-based manufacturer? How many air miles are attached to your window? How much experience do they have in selling? Do they have warranties or guarantees?

If you are spending on the whole house, you want a firm with a great reputation. Check out

Optimum Window Manufacturing is an example of a New York firm doing well.

2. Warranties and Guarantees

If you are window shopping for multiple rooms, the price is going to run into the thousands. That’s to be expected and, let’s be honest, it goes into the value of your property as an investment.

However, making sure that investment is backed up by a warranty that covers parts and defects for a few years is just good sense.

3. Energy Efficiency

Windows can save you money over time, when it comes to your energy bill. If you want to take advantage of this saving, then offset the cost of the windows against future savings with some energy efficient windows. Normal windows lose between 25-30% of the energy in any given room.

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Used with permission of Katie Destefano

4. Product Shelf Life

New windows are a thing you only do once in your home. Correction: it’s something you only want to do once. This means you want long-lasting windows of a sturdy build. A good quality window will last half your lifetime. A poor quality one will last a quarter and will probably cost you in energy bills.

5. Safety of the Window

When looking at new windows, consider the safety features. Are they shatter proof? If they do shatter, will someone get hurt or will they break into small squares? Do they have locks? Windows with locks are a better deterrent to criminals than those without.

6. Are they Stylish?

We all have different senses of style, which means we all have different window expectations. Not every window matches every home… imagine an 18th floor apartment with 360 degree windows, for example… So you have to make sure your sense of style matches your choice in window.

Living room with armchairs and table
Used with permission of Katie Destefano

7. Reviews!

If you haven’t learned that spending on the internet is governed by reviews yet – where have you been? Before you make any online purchase, you find past clients and you check their reviews. It’s one of the best ways to check if you are working with someone trustworthy!

No matter how many windows you are faced with, applying these 7 steps will help you narrow down your choice. Good luck out there… there’s a whole load of windows to choose from. Thanks to optimumwindow.com for consulting.


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