5 Reasons To Live In Luxury Foggy Bottom Apartments


Middle income earners typically shun luxury apartments because of their hefty prices. But with the recent developments in the sector, it seems prices have been drastically slashed to entice potential buyers and renters.

Luxury properties are styled to provide the investor or lessor with utmost comfort, security, and convenience. That being said, luxury apartments provide the best amenities and views for each space rental and for the whole occupants. 

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That being said, Washington, D.C., has the best locations to rent luxury apartments which include the vibrant neighborhood of Foggy Bottom.  It’s located a few blocks from the White House, the seat of power in the United States. This neighborhood sits close to the historic Potomac River, dubbed by the late George Washington, as the ‘Nation’s River’.

To know Foggy Bottom a little bit better, here’s an overview:

Living in Foggy Bottom, Washington, D.C.

To put it simply, Foggy Bottom is a mix of old and new. It got its name from the fog that occasionally settles in the community. With the Potomac River straddling along with the locale, settlements rose in the area. For a decade or so, Foggy Bottom has become home to luxury Foggy Bottom apartments and condos.

The community’s real estate portfolio is diverse. Properties are a mix of historic houses, modern condos, and luxury apartments. Most historic home rows are listed on the National Historic Register, while the newer and high-cost structures are mostly located on the west side of the Foggy Bottom locale.    

Apart from the White House, Foggy Bottom also draws relocators such as students, diplomats, investors, and tourists. George Washington University takes an expansive space of the locale, but the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a major tourist attraction, too.

Every night, they’re always things to look forward to; mostly emotionally- touching drama, dance and music presentations.  Lincoln Memorial, and of course, the Rock Creek Park, complete the main attractions in Foggy Bottom.

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Why You Should Choose a Luxury Foggy Bottom Apartment

Deciding the best luxury rental properties for you and your family, or as an investment takes a few considerations, as can be gleaned from below: 

1. Get the best location

Be at the heart of every important site when you choose to rent out and live in a Foggy Bottom luxury apartment. 

Getting a property in these luxury condos can save you from costly commute time and costs. Apart from the GWU, Hospital, embassies, offices of The World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund are likewise settled in the area.  Otherwise, there’s a metro station just around the corner. 

2. Enjoy superior amenities

Luxury apartments in Foggy Bottom take pride in providing the best amenities in the property market. Some properties offer expansive windows to large walk-in closets, state-of-the-art fitness gym, equipment, and an infinity pool, among other deluxe features. In essence, you may not have to go out to have access to a great workout, dining, and entertainment experience. It’s all available in the comfort of your room or luxury apartment community space.

Apart from having to be a dream destination, some luxury buildings are adding sanitation and health-promoting designs as well as structures brought about by the pandemic.

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3. Worry-free maintenance

As a tenant in a luxury property, you’re also paying for the upkeep for the amenities of your rental property via monthly dues. You don’t have to worry about waste management, garden maintenance, pool cleaning, or keeping your parking space. Also enjoy 24/7 laundry, front desk, or other services so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.  

With more productive time on your hands, you can focus on things that are truly important. Spend time with your family and friends, or find more time for work and play.   

4. Security and Space

Space costs money, making luxury Foggy Bottom apartments more costly. With floor sizes spanning at least 1,800 square feet, you’ll have time to do everything you want, such as inviting friends over for a quick nightcap. You can even turn a portion of your place into your work area. An expansive space coupled with an astounding view of the waterfront and famous landmarks; you’ll never want to leave home.

Your own large space is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with reliable passive and active security such as access cards, security guards, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. All of these luxury apartments likewise feature state-of-the-art alarm, fire and other alert communication systems. All must-haves if you live alone or have kids with you.  

5. Live alone in style

If you’re a millennial, here’s how you formally become an adult: getting your own place and start living on your own. After getting their first job, millennials typically choose to live with one or two flatmates, as they’re still struggling to keep tabs on their spending. As they climb the career ladder, their purchasing power increases, and they can now afford to live in luxury properties.

Apart from students, diplomats, and small families, luxury Foggy Bottom apartments are becoming home to a few workers employed by tech companies that have settled in. It’s said that Washington, DC, is in the top three of US and Canada’s best cities to source out tech talents.  

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Are Luxury Foggy Bottom Apartments Worth It?

Studio type, luxury Foggy Bottom apartments mostly carry an average rental price of USD$1,500 as of this writing. Some may even offer lucrative promos and discounts, like a USD$2,000 price cut on a one-year lease term.  

The Bottom Line

Luxurious living is no longer for the rich and famous. With attractive offers such as superior amenities, expansive space, breathtaking views, and a strategic location, many prospective property tenants and investors are inclined to get top-notch properties in Foggy Bottom. Everywhere in the country, a deluxe property is always a good investment and offers the best living experience.  Thanks to thewraydc.com for consulting.


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