Wall Decor Ideas to Light Up a Room

Bright designed living room with wall decoration
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A dark gloomy room can affect your overall mood. This is especially true if your new space lacks access to windows that can allow the natural sunlight to shine through. An empty room can provide a multitude of possibilities with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity. A fresh splash of paint, wall art, or even installing ambient lights and mirrors can do wonders.

We have listed below a number of practical wall decor ideas to light up a room and transform your home into a brighter, happier abode.

Incorporate wall art

A drab wall or room can benefit instantly from museum-quality wall art such as a fine art print poster, a painting, photograph, or even a tapestry. Choose something that you find joy in seeing every day. However, be aware of the placement, because a common mistake amongst homeowners is to over-decorate.

A large dark wall filled with multiple wall art pieces can hinder your efforts for brightening the room.  Pick a maximum of three items to hang on your wall, which could be a combination of wall art, a mirror, and a lightly toned tapestry.

Install a mirror near a source of light

The use of mirrors is an effective trick to broaden visual space and brighten a dull room. Make sure to consciously install the mirror near a light source to achieve its maximum potential. A floor or a large wall mirror when placed near a window can instantly elevate natural lighting.

Working with a table lamp or floor lamp by a mirror can also produce a comparable effect. To prevent the reflected light from getting too bright, consider softer lighting for a warmer ambiance.

Bed with wall decoration
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Ambient lighting

If you’re hoping to bring more light into your room without exaggerating the brilliance, consider the use of ambient lighting such as attractive fairy lights, a quaint lamp, a selection of large candles, and tasteful ambient lighting. Doing so will bring more light to the room and provide a calming, and soothing effect.

Warm yellow lights add charm and can elegantly make even the gloomiest-looking room feel alive. Instead of aiming your lights in different directions, try to point your light source across the ceiling or walls for added effect.

Pick the right furniture

Essentially we chose our furniture to fit our own personal taste. But when picking out the next sofa, chair, or table for your room, contemplate how the furniture will affect the overall lighting level in your house. A dark blue sofa for a small, dimly lit room may not be the best option!

Explore a lighter-hued sofa such as off-white shades like beige, eggshell, or a pastel yellow to make your room appear more spacious and airy. Avoid dark woods when picking out your next table, bed frame, or chair.

Consider a new splash of paint

Interior designers can vouch for this trick. White is one of the most effective ways to brighten a dark room. A newly painted wall in white can reflect light across the room and other surfaces giving the illusion of a bigger space than reality.

If you feel basic white is too monotonous and boring, explore adding accents on your ceilings for variety and texture, paint a mural on one side or a vibrant color for a more eclectic feel.

Area rugs can do the trick

You’d be surprised to know that adding a simple light-colored area rug can make a big difference in brightening your room. It can make dark wood floors appear softer and more welcoming.

When choosing a color for your area rug, look into white, ivory, or yellow. If you feel this does not reflect your personality, pick an area rug in a warmer or pastel combination.

Polish those windows

Cleaning your windows is one of the most overlooked places around the house. Similar to wearing glasses, it will accumulate dust and smudges over time and affect the visibility and clarity of the glass.

Invest in the proper cleaning soaps to wipe down your house windows on a regular basis. A clean set of windows will instantly make your home feel fresh and bright, so take advantage of as much natural light in your home.

Curtains are key

Dark heavy curtains can make your room look drab and depressing. Facilitate the natural light that shines through your curtains by opting for delicate fabric and drapes on your windows.

Make sure the colors range from a light shade of beige, ivory, or grey. If you’re feeling spontaneous go with a pastel hue of a shade of blue, green, or yellow!

Balance it out!

An ideal space should have an interplay of natural light and shadow. Creating a balance between the highlights and lowlights is visually appealing. No one will feel comfortable in an overly lit room with harsh fluorescents.

Add lights to brighten up dark spaces or corners, but make sure that it doesn’t overpower the entire room. A balanced room with a variety of lighting proves your home is comfortable and lived in.

In Closing

Learning to rework a dark room can be a challenge. Understand that you’re not restricted to just adding light, but experiment with a new mirror, white paint, or a funky piece of wall art.cBe creative and have fun. Your home will not only appear brighter but be a reflection of your personality and spirit. Thanks to fineartamerica.com for consulting.


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