Tips on heater maintenance services in Tomball, TX!


It is unimaginable to function a day without a heater during the winter. Any sudden malfunction of the unit causes trouble and stress to each family member in the home. A heater is compulsory to keep the home and family members warm and comfortable all through the cold months. As it is such an important component in the home, it is necessary to schedule regular heater maintenance Houston, TX.

Most homeowners forget to schedule heater services Houston, TX, or provide the care it is supposed to be given unless and until it displays any issues for which the heating unit is blamed again. Being a neglected yet important home appliance, it works hard as possible and, with heavy wear and tear, falls into breakdown unexpectedly.

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Most homeowners are advised by an HVAC professional to have a yearly maintenance service scheduled to the heater that is never listened to and done properly. 

Why wait for the heater to break down to schedule for professional repair service? As the old proverb says, prevention is better than cure. Performing professional heater maintenance Houston, TX before it fails to function, is smart. The heater shows many warning signs that it is going to break down. Understanding the sign and providing repair service in advance will avoid the heavy breakdown as much as possible. 

Warning signs that call for heater services in Tomball, TX!

Some of the warning signs shown by the heater include loud noises coming from the heater, odd odor emitted from the unit, improper air flow throughout the home, uneven heating all over the place, and not enough heating from the unit. It is best to resolve the repairs in advance as it aids in preventing huge failures of the unit that could be very expensive. 

By following proper preventive measures, you can enjoy efficient heating and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. 

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Having the temperature set in the right comfort is one smart and not so thought method of having an efficient heater. At the beginning of the season, as you turn on the temperature to heat mode, adjust the thermostat with a low yet right temperature best suitable to the place. This way, minimum energy will be used by the heating unit.

It also functions in the best efficient manner, with the normal comfortable temperature required in the place. Lower the temperature back during the night and comforting yourself with layers of dress and a comfy blanket is another way for the unit to work efficiently. Adjust or program the thermostat by turning it off when everyone in the home has left. This way, one can have a very good heating unit throughout.

The air filter in the heater is one of the important parts responsible for healthy indoor air all through the home. The one air filter in the heater filters out all the air supplied for your complete home. It can get accumulated with dust and dirt in no time without being cleaned often. A poor or dirty air filter can cause many health hazards to the family members.

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Professionals recommend that an air filter be cleaned every month or replaced every three months to have a healthy indoor environment. Replacing the filter every month is suggested in the house with smokers, pets, and people with respiratory problems like asthma. Every homeowner is suggested to add replacing the air filter with a new one as a part of their every month cleaning duty. 

As every HVAC professional suggests, and no matter how many times it is already mentioned, having a heater tune-up service scheduled is one of the major and important factors for a healthy and efficient heating unit. The right time to have heater maintenance is before winter.

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The technician carries out a thorough inspection for proper operation during the heater tune-up service. Each interior and exterior component of the unit is cleaned neatly. Every moving part is lubricated. All the connections are tightened. And the thermostat is checked and ensured of proper working, which is very compulsory for a heater.

To have the best heater maintenance or tune-up service at your Houston, TX home, contact the Wrightway Comfort team. Thanks to for consulting.


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