How to Accomplish a Quirky Look for Your Home


This year is the year for bold and quirky designs in homes. We are all tired of looking at the same drab walls and so ready to mix it up a bit. Here are our steps on how to accomplish a quirky look for your home.

Living room with table, chairs and couch
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

Buy a Super Rug

Find a rug that you love and get it. You will love it forever, and it will keep your feet warm whilst adding an edgy, interesting look to your space. Try a bold color or pattern that you would normally avoid as you were worried what guests might think. Pick the one that you love, for you, and you will probably see them popping up in all your friends’ houses the following year.

Towel Rack Radiator

Getting a heated towel radiator for your bathroom will leave you feeling like the ruler of the world. Get them in a load of different styles and designs from the colorful to the vintage. These towel rack radiators will improve your quality of life no end. Not only will they warm and dry your towels, but they also heat your bathroom. Lay in your bath for as long as you like with a towel radiator the worry of getting cold when you get out is eradicated.

Tile a Wall

Find your most well-lit room and choose some beautiful tiles. They don’t have to match. Go crazy on the design. Whatever suits your personality. Get a tiling kit. You can get them quite cheaply off Amazon. And get tiling! It is a really fun way to get creative on your house improvements, and guests will love it.

Tile wall with plant
Photo by Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

Style up your Furniture

Get a drill and some wood and add some extra bits onto your furniture. Even a lick of paint can make all the difference.

  • Designing a lazy Susan for your dinner table can be a great way of styling up your dining room.
  • Add extra shelves and partitions into bookcases and paint them a different color to the rest of the piece.
  • Paint the legs of your chairs and tables to give them an edgy look.
  • Repurpose vases by adding led lights and turn coffee tables into super centerpieces by adding tiles.

Cork Board Dart Board

Everyone has corks lying around, especially after this year. No one knows what to do with them, some make notice boards, but they don’t look great. Making your own dartboard can be a great way to repurpose those corks. Watch a video tutorial to find out how.

Screen Printed Cushions

Designed living room
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Contact a local screen printer with the designs you want on your cushions and get a quote. This year local traders are struggling to get by. Reinvest that furlough money wisely and support small businesses in your area, whilst at the same time getting all you need to make your home have that much-needed pizzazz.

There you have it, a great list of ways to style up and quirkify your home. Quirkify- that is our new word for this year. Get online and start looking at the colours and designs you want to use to quirkify your home! Thanks to for consulting.


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