Reasons Why Periodic Roof Inspection is Important in Phoenix AZ


Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city, is also the most populous, with more than one million residents. Also known as the “valley of the sun,” Phoenix has around 590,000 housing units with an occupancy rate of 87%. If you are a proud homeowner in Phoenix, you probably pay attention to all the vital aspects to keep your home in order. However, the most overlooked aspect of your home is the roofing system. 

Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against harmful weather conditions and elements. When the roof gets damaged, your entire property is susceptible to risk. Hence, for your home in Phoenix, call a roofing specialist to inspect the roofing system periodically.

Rather than waiting for apparent signs of roof damage or failure, periodic roof inspections can help you detect potential problems before they take over and cause damage or lead to extensive roof repairs. Here are the top reasons why you need to schedule periodic roof inspections for your homes in Phoenix, AZ:

After Storms

Thunderstorms happen throughout the year in Arizona. Even though the temperature is hot in Phoenix, rains, flash flooding, winds, hail, dust storms, and lightning are common, especially during the monsoon season from mid-June through September.

Anytime a large storm passes with high winds, roofs can be prone to damage with missing shingles, leakages, falling debris, and more. Therefore, right after a heavy storm, Phoenix roofing experts help you get a roof inspection done to prevent further damage.

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Long Periods of Drought

In Phoenix, a hot desert climate is a norm, with 3,872 hours of bright sunshine annually. Phoenix’s hot summers are characterized by an average of 107 days with a high of 100 °F. Hence the high heat conditions can dry out and warp building materials that provide support to your roof. After prolonged periods of drought and less humidity in Phoenix, roofing experts can conduct roof inspections to uncover any anomalies.

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Before Refinancing or Selling

Homeowners often miss having their roofs inspected before trying to sell their home in Phoenix, AZ, or when exploring financing options. Since lenders and buyers may request an inspection, homeowners can be prepared in advance and conduct necessary inspections to show that their homes are in top condition.

Besides, roof inspections also assure that your homes fetch good value. If a lender or buyer detects a problem, they are most likely to devalue the home far more than the cost of repairing the roof.

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Frequency of Periodic Inspections

Most homes in Phoenix date back to 1960 to 1990, with almost 60% of houses constructed and structured between those years. Therefore, if your home is relatively older, periodic roof inspections may be essential at least twice a year to identify any obvious signs of problems.

It’s not easy to inspect on your own as roofing materials are subject to constant wear and tear. Only a roofing professional can spot problems that may not be apparently visible yet pose a danger. 

Such telltale signs that indicate a weak roof may include loose material or wear around chimneys, buckling shingles, shingle granules in your gutters, the onset of roof leakage, etc. Besides, roof leaks can also lead to mold outbreaks that may not be obvious in the beginning.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends inspecting your roof during the fall and spring to help uncover potential problems. For newer homes in Phoenix, an annual inspection and maintenance can be beneficial and assure a rock-solid roof that can go a long way to secure your home.

Whether it be muggy monsoons that bring significant rain spells or fiery summers, the roofing system of your homes in Phoenix is subject to constant exposure to adversities. Hence, take the right move to secure your home from expensive roof repairs and damage by scheduling periodic inspection and maintenance from contractors. Rest assured, your home will stand tall against all elements with a stable roofing system. Thanks to Ultra Foam LLC for consulting?


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