Color Options To Explore While Buying Chest Of Drawers


If you want to have too much storage space, a chest of drawers is a perfect piece of furniture. It is versatile and has obvious functionality. From storing your dresses to hiding the clutter, you cannot ignore the storage unit. Irrespective of contemporary or classic design, it is an ideal piece that has a shining and smooth finish. The chest of drawers has a great design, and many people have it at home. If you wish to get one, and want to explore the color options, here are some.

  • The light brown color six drawers chest

The light brown color six drawer chest is a beauty in its simplicity. It has six drawers and more or less looks like the warm honey color while showing the natural swirling pattern of the wood. The stylish-space saver unit is heavyweight and reliably sturdy, and you can keep it either in your living or bedroom. The slimline and contemporary pull handles perfectly completes the look.

Photo by khloe arledge on Unsplash
  • The tall chest of drawers

It is dark brown and has a shining surface. It comes in various sizes so you can choose whoever you like. It is a handsome piece of furniture with an elongated sideboard. It is a homely addition, and the tapered legs can hold the weight of the unit. The drawers can be easily pulled and pushed, so it is not difficult to open and close. The smooth finish of the surface makes a stylish piece of furniture.

used with permission from Andrea West Design
  • Light white color three drawers chest

If you require an antique piece of furniture, go for the handcrafted light white color three chests of drawers. It has a lock and key feature to keep your important documents as well. The voguish unit makes the perfect bedroom choice. The elegant frame elevates the unit from the ground, and the three generous and wide drawers are the features of the furniture.

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash
  • Black color furniture

The black color storage unit has always been the first choice for a lot of people. It is said that the storage unit goes perfectly with all the interiors and does not get spoiled or become colorless. It provides a contemporary and chic focal point, which you can store in your dining space to keep the crockeries. It is solid but lightweight, so shifting from one place to another is easy.

Photo by Nienke Witteveen Fleuren on Unsplash
  • The cream color drawer chest

The eye-catching piece of furniture is crafted exceptionally well and reflects the natural wood grain. There are no handles as you must simply push the drawers to open. The hefty piece of furniture is a great value for money and has a smooth finish. It has a pleasing symmetry, allowing you to store smaller things at the top.

In the end

Well, it completely depends upon you which one you wish to purchase. Look for symmetry and give attention to the details before buying. You can check out the collection at the renowned online store. It is a solid and the best storage unit for your home. Thanks to Hallams Home for consulting


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