Finding the Correct Door Size for your Garage


When you build a new home or think of adding a new garage in your house, an important issue to consider is your garage door size. At the same time, there are a couple of standard garage door sizes Texas. The ever expansion of garage designs and spaces suitable for large SUVs, boats, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles gives owners even more options. You would want a garage that gives you more storage space and at the same time, your home gets a sleek new look.

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Dimensions to Consider Garage Doors

Bigger doors are always better. Is it a myth or reality? It depends on the circumstances, but there are practical considerations when choosing large garage doors. First, bigger doors weigh more and require a particular track, hardware, and an automatic door opener to hold them in place. Also, increasing the door’s proportions can change its appearance so that the style you initially chose will be different from the one you see in the brochure.

Single Garage Door Dimensions

Standard single garage doors are available in 10 x 7, 9 x 7, and 8 x 7 feet. When it comes to a typical home that requires an SUV van or small truck, you should purchase a standard single garage door. However, a house with many cars or large vehicles should choose a large garage door. Large vehicles cannot easily pass through a single garage door. If you are renovating your garage for more storage space, try not to opt for a single door. Instead, opt for the standard double garage door.

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Dimensions of Double Door Garage.

The intention behind these garage door designs is the safety of multiple vehicles or larger vehicles in mind. Standard double garage doors are 16 × 7, 14 × 7, and 12 × 7 feet. When buying these doors, keep in mind that these are standard sizes defined by the door manufacturers, and if your garage is of a different dimension, you will have problems. It will help you choose a garage door that meets your needs and desires.

Dimensions of the garage door for Your Recreational Vehicle

If you currently own a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or planning to buy one in the future, your storage needs will be different than that of small vehicles. When constructing a new garage or renovating an old garage, make sure your contractor has applied the correct architectural plans when designing your garage. It will make it easier to acquire and repair the RV garage door correctly.

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Dimensions of Commercial Garage Doors

The standard height of commercial garage doors is 24 × 1 inch and 32 × 2 inches wide. However, when choosing a commercial garage door, you must first consider your organization’s vehicles’ number and size. If your business has multiple trucks, you will need to invest in a large enough commercial garage door to accommodate all. The dimensions of the largest vehicle in your organization will help you determine which gate size is suitable for your commercial garage.

Before deciding on specific door size, make sure you see it in action. If possible, you should visit the garage with the door you want to buy and see if the garage door size options meet your needs.  You have to make sure you choose standard garage door sizes, Texas that match your current and future needs. Thanks to Texas Overhead Doors for consulting.



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