Your Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Rental Home Clean And Organised


Few things compare to the joy of living in a clean house, even if it’s a rental house. But when you live in a rented home, cleaning no longer remains a matter of personal preference. After all, you’re required to put down a hefty deposit, which you’re liable to get back when moving out if you manage to leave the property in tip-top shape. No one wants to be charged a small fortune for something as avoidable as cleaning issues.

So how to maintain cleanliness and order in your rental home? From the basics to pro techniques, here are some helpful tips.

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  1. Set up a cleaning routine

A cleaning routine is a great way to make sure all areas of your house get cleaned and the cleaning tasks actually get done. A routine can also help you divide the cleaning responsibilities among everyone, so that the chores don’t fall on one person only. Knowing what is going to be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis helps to be prepared and the chances of slip ups can also be minimised.

Pro tip: Depending on what works for you and how you want to go about cleaning your living space, you can also set aside specific tasks for certain days. For example, Monday: living area and bathrooms. Tuesday: kitchen and bedrooms. And so on.

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  1. Have the right tools

Cleaning isn’t fun. But it doesn’t have to be a back-breaking chore either. Having the right set of tools, which should include microfiber cloths, a steam mop, a squeegee, a scrub brush, a scraper etc., not only reduces the amount of time and elbow grease you put into a task but also ensure a far better result than you’d ever hope to get manually.

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  1. Declutter on a regular basis

Clutter is often the biggest devil in most households. It not only eats up space but also hinders regular cleaning. After all, it does take more effort to clean your way into and out of cluttered zones than simply having free-to-clean areas and surfaces.

Look around. If you see piles of clothes, old items, stacks of newspapers, appliances that are long past their prime, and other knick-knacks lying around your house, you need to do some serious decluttering.

  1. Keep your carpets clean

Carpets deserve special attention for their affinity for attracting dust, dirt, hair, dead skin, and pet dander like a magnet. Unclean carpets or the ones that haven’t been cleaned properly can play host to dust mites, mould, and mildew, making your living environment unsafe for residents. To avoid this, vacuum your carpets regularly, steam clean them every six months, and get a professional cleaning done at least once a year (more, if your carpets get a lot of use).

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  1. Hire professionals

Hiring professional cleaners to give you a hand with deep cleaning once a year can ensure thorough cleaning of your rental home, but where a cleaning company really shines is end of lease cleaning. Getting your deposit money back depends on whether you leave the property in the same spotless condition as you first found it.

Therefore, you’d want to hire the best end of lease cleaning Sydney has to offer, in order to make sure the property is scrubbed clean while you’re busy with other more important aspects of moving.

So there you have it — five top tips that you’ll ever need to keep your rental home clean and germ-free, while enjoying a hassle-free end of lease process. Thanks to Jim’s cleaning for consulting!






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