Top 7 Things You Need To Know When Planning Your Next Remodel


Remodelling your kitchen can be an enormous venture to undertake. Proper planning is vital to the success and overall quality of the finished project.

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If you don’t plan your remodel right (as to which design you’ll base your kitchen into, how much money you’ll have to set aside to pursue the renovation, etc.), chances are that you’ll end up running into unexpected troubles and possibly even regretting your decision to renovate.

Luckily, we have listed here in this article top 7 things you need to know when planning your next kitchen remodel!

Be sure to read the entire article to come up with the best remodelling plan…

Top 7 Things You Need to Know when Planning Your Next (Kitchen) Remodel

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Check out the top 7 things you need to know when planning your next remodel:

  1. Ask Yourself what You’ll Gain After the Renovation. Is It All Worth It?
  2. Determine the core need for renovating the kitchen.
  3. List down what you and your family will achieve after renovating the kitchen like safety, minimized bills, extra storage, more open concept, etc.
  4. If you are not sure whether your kitchen needs urgent remodelling or not, seek advice from a home expert- architect, interior designer, home appliance evaluator, etc.
  • Assess and Determine Your Budget.
  • Frame your budget plan according to most realistic renovation expenses.
  • Determine how long the renovation can last. Seek for advice from experts.
  • Determine how long you have to save up your budget prior to the renovations start date.
  • Determine what phase of the renovation will have the highest costs? Will it be the demolition or prep work? Are large structural changes being made? Will new kitchen cabinetry eat up the bulk of your savings? Tile floors or new countertops? Determine what phases will be the most expensive and plan accordingly.
  • Come Up with a Renovation Strategy.
  • You can choose an economic remodelling strategy. However, it’s not necessarily simple.
  • Talk with a kitchen expert.
  • Illustrate and map the remodelling design.
  • Refer your design/mpa/strategy to an expert. More complex tasks are best referred to a professional like Kitchen Cabinets Calgary.
  • Make sure to fill yourself with the necessary tools and materials before starting the work.
  • Determine the Appliances You Will Be Needing.
  • Determine and identify the appliances you will be needing by looking into their features: technological edge, versatility and convenience, performance value, and dimensions.
  • Now, identify the presence of the appliances (or, the space they will consume) against your recently mapped design. Where will you put them and will you have room?
  • Decide.
  • Learn the Basic Elements of an Efficient and Highly-Functional Kitchen (Design).
  • Learn the basic mechanisms of a highly-functional kitchen. Some of the characteristics that make a kitchen functional:
  • Linked with the dining room using integral configurations like a middle island between 2 units
  • Easy access and opening between units
  • Larger working space
  • Enough counter space to prepare, and hold food ready for serving
  • Cabinetry and storage of your most commonly used and important kitchen tools so they are easily accessible
  • Leave Space in Your  Budget for Smaller Details.
  • Leave a buffer for smaller details or possible factors that could arise during the renovation process.
  • Check-list the smaller elements- tiles, screws, wiring space, faucets, etc.
  • Determine and Identify the Color Configuration that Fits Your Kitchen Design.
  • Decide the right color for you and, at the same time..
  • Consider the following:
  • Highly-functional kitchens are bright with natural lighting
  • Neutral colors allow for easy matching of accessories and easy cleaning in the future

Good job, friend!

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You’re now steps ahead of your plan.

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Remodelling your kitchen is indeed an enormous venture in the home maintenance deal.

But, nothing could get wrong if you plan it well…

By considering all possible things that could arise during thekitchen renovations, you’re assured of a successful and rewarding kitchen remodelling result.

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Certainly, the top 7 things you need to know when planning your next remodel is just one step to take. Thanks to Kitchen Cabinets Calgary for consulting

Good luck!


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