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Can A Flea Infestation Kill Your Dog?

Can a flea bite kill your dog? There are many people who ask themselves this question. If you want to learn the answer to this question, then read this article carefullyl. And as we all know, there are pets that are allergic to a lot of things, but it is mainly food and fleas. This is why more people want to know how a flea bite will affect them. One skin allergy is called furalless dermatitis. This happens when the animal scratches itself without realizing that the skin is now being injected with an allergic substance. The dogs and cats that have this type of skin problem develop it only on the areas that have been exposed to fleas. So the dog owner should ask her pet to avoid going near the flea infested areas. “What is flea infestation?” -This question might sound strange, but as we know, the use of flea collars or flea boots is not the best way to prevent flea infestation.
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This is because the actual cause of flea infestation cannot be prevented. A person will never be able to prevent a flea bite, but she can always use flea control products and keep the area where the pets live dry. Can a flea infestation kill your dog? Let us go through the symptoms of a flea problem and what it can do to your dog. It can affect the skin, digestive system, eyes, and respiratory system. The long and short of it is that your dog will suffer from itching and scratching of the affected areas. Make It Difficult For The Dog To Sleep At Night The skin.  Dogs that suffer from flea allergies have red, inflamed, and itchy skin on their face, ears, chest, and chest. This can make it difficult for the dog to sleep at night, and they will also constantly itch.
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Bloating, Vomiting, Diarrhea, And Stomach Cramps In Dogs The digestive system. There can be bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps in dogs that are allergic to fleas. These symptoms usually occur in dogs that have had a flea infestation for more than two weeks. Can Develop Blurry Vision And Are Constantly Itching The Eyes. Dogs that have been exposed to fleas in the past can develop blurry vision and are constantly itching. When there is a flea infestation, the dogs are more prone to developing eye problems, including conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis and cataracts. Can Trigger Asthma Attack The Respiratory System. Fleas can trigger an asthma attack in dogs that are affected by flea allergies. Dog May Have A Bad Blood Circulation
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Bad blood circulation is one sign that your dog is infected with a flea. The most common symptom of an infestation is if your dog seems to be scratching itself all over the body, and its skin looks very red and irritated. Because fleas feed off of humans, a flea bite can be especially painful Notice Hair Loss, Matted Hair, And Even Skin Inflammation The itching can be really bad when you’re looking at the scratch marks on your dog’s skin. You may also notice hair loss, matted hair, and even skin inflammation. In some cases, however, your dog will simply lose weight. If you’re wondering what is dangerous about flea infestation to your dog, there are some things you need to know about. First of all, fleas can spread themselves easily to other dogs. They can breed on many dogs just because they aren’t able to find the fleas, and fleas can bite their hosts. Also, they are really small, and it’s easy for a flea to get on your dog without you knowing it. This can happen by coming into contact with someone who is carrying the creature, or if your dog accidentally brushes up against something on the ground where they might have come into contact with it. Conclusion
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Now that you know what is dangerous about flea infestation to your dog, This will sure answer your question: Can a flea infestation kill your dog? Absolutely, Yes. So it’s time to learn how to deal with them properly. If you want to avoid a dangerous flea infestation, you need to be vigilant about how often you wash your pet. If you keep your dog’s skin clean and dry, you won’t have as much of a chance of him or her having fleas. Also, you should let your dog go outside every day to drink water and get exercise, so they have a chance to find their own food. It’s important to take your dog to the vet to get a medical exam to make sure that the vet can confirm that your dog is infected with fleas. Your vet may have to give you some medications to treat the problem such as to use Nexgard Spectra to get rid of the flea infestation. Thanks to Boehringer Ingelheim for collaborating


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