How To Choose The Proper Door Lock


Nuances of choice

One of the most important aspects of the room’s security is a secure, strong lock that can protect it from unwanted guests. There are many locking devices available today. How do you choose the right door lock without missing a single detail?

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When you buy a lock mechanism, you need to pay attention to its strength, resistance to burglary, reliability, and failure-free. This last factor is important, as it reduces the likelihood of possible rapid repair. The term “durability ” should refer to both the bolt and the lock case. Feedback on this product is also important.

Durable locks and those for which spare parts are not supplied are not to being repaired. In other cases, you’d better contact emergency locksmith in Langley.

Which lock is better?

There is a different type of lock for each type of door. For example, it is customary to install a lock on a standard device, the size of which does not exceed the size of its strapping part.

For PVC door locks are bought narrow, not wider than their profile. Door repair in West Vancouver recommends using profile locks: for light or heavy steel doors, aluminum or wooden. There are, of course, universal locks suitable for doors of any type, but they are less reliable than the profile locks.

For better security, it is recommended to mount two mechanisms of different types at once. For example, a lever and cylinder mechanism.

Attention should also be paid to the number of locking bolts. It is desirable that their number reaches four, not to mention the quality. Those whose dwelling can be accessed through a balcony, window, etc., should install a locking structure, from the inside of which can be opened only with a key.

It is better to install overhead locks on wooden doors, as they are easy to install and do not reduce their strength.

Since this type of locks is located far enough away from the outer surface of the door, it is less accessible for burglary. Overlay mechanisms are also placed on steel doors, as an addition to the already integrated mortise. The latter are considered ideal for steel door leafs – they are not visible and do not change their overall appearance.

Both mortise locks and padlocks are often identical in terms of resistance to opening, its locking characteristics, so the choice of one or another based on the opinions of consumers and advice from experts.

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Plug locks

There is another type of locks – hinged. They are used mainly for garages, storerooms, sheds and other non-residential premises – where it is difficult to install overhead or mortise locks because of inaccurate door mechanics.

The problem of how to buy a hinged door lock correctly worries many. Having listened to the following recommendations, you can pick up an inexpensive, but high-quality option.

The weakest are considered aluminum structures. A little longer serve brass. Heavy cast iron lock is strong and reliable, but it has a significant disadvantage – in the cold, this metal becomes very fragile. Therefore, the best offer is a steel lock. It should have a strong metal case and a tempered steel bail. It will be great if instead of the bell there is a locking finger. In addition, the device should have anti-corrosion properties, as it will be used both in snow and rain.

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To protect the lock from freezing, some models have drainage holes through which excess moisture is removed. This mechanism does not need to be lubricated.

On the modern market padlocks are available in a wide range. The price of the cheapest locks is a couple of tens of dollars. More reliable and high quality expensive locking devices can be purchased for several hundreds of dollars. Thanks to Emergency Locksmith Vancouver for consulting


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