6 Ways to Make a Clean Home


Keeping a clean and organized house is the key to keeping a healthy and organized life. At times it may be difficult to maintain homeostasis in your environment, so here’s six ways to make a clean home:

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Determine Spatial Arrangement

Understanding the order of your day and setting up your home to accommodate this can bring harmony to the chaos. For example, if every morning you plan to have coffee in a rocking chair next to the bay window, you would want to put your rocking chair permanently next to the bay window. Other furniture in that room would be aesthetically placed with that concept in mind. Once you have determined where the most important daily events will take place, arrange your furniture accordingly.

Pick a Theme

Psychological studies support that we tend to like things to match; to find similarities between objects or within a group of objects brings us pleasure. To have complimentary colors, patterns and shapes is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can make your home seem tidy even on unproductive days.

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Assign Item Placement

Do you have a place for every item you possess? Assigning a permanent spot for belongings gives you a way to manage what you own and can alert you to what you may still need to have. This is a big time saver since once an item has an assigned space, you’ll be more likely to return it after use and notice it when it’s gone. Mapping out possessions can also help determine if it’s time to obtain a storage unit or start tossing stuff in the trash.

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Organizational Design

With the first three things completed, you may want or need to purchase additional organizational items such as shelves, bins and various sized storage containers. In keeping with your overall theme and spatial arrangement, you give your home further depth in organization. Consider investing in a label making device so that others in your home can continue with upkeep in your absence. After all, maintenance should be a group effort whenever possible.


Now that everything has a place and everyone is able to go with the flow in putting their things away, general disinfecting should be as easy as spraying a preferred chemical and wiping it away. Sweeping, mopping, washing, and scrubbing can be done as needed. Many people incorporate a habit of “cleaning as you go” which reduces the amount of time spent on “deep cleaning”. That being said, professional deep cleaning services can prove invaluable if you move into a home that has been neglected for a long time, or if you don’t have the adequate time or skills to keep your home clean.

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Finally, it’s time to service that HVAC unit. Circulating clean air should also be a factor in having a clean home. Dirty air can increase the need for dusting and cause allergic reactions. Airborne viruses and bacteria are more likely to cause infections if your air isn’t properly filtered.  Be sure to schedule regular maintenance visits for repairs or a new unit installation if necessary.

After all, keeping a clean home isn’t just about managing a mess, it’s about managing life.


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