Six Signs That It Is Time For the Apartment To Be Renovated


A simple checklist to help you understand if you should start looking for a construction crew.

Builders advise arranging repairs in the apartment every 10-15 years to reduce its overall wear and tear. Except for those cases when emergency repairs of individual elements are required. For such accidents, this company provides sliding door repairs in Fort Lauderdale. Psychologists recommend that the interior be renovated every 5 years. But sometimes the apartment tells us that it’s time to renovate.

Take a look at our checklist and find out if it’s time for you to get ready for repairs.

Mildew or fungus.

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One small mold dot can discreetly grow and occupy most of your apartment. And if the dot is relatively easy to remove, a large stain will require complete repair.

Mildew can appear if the wall lets moisture out of the street or if a pipe once broke through. Of course, to fight such a fungus point by chemical means will not work. It is necessary to remove the coating, clean the surface within a radius of one meter from the hearth and additionally think about waterproofing. In this case, repair is inevitable.

Stains and cracks in the ceiling.

Splashes of red wine or stains from bulbs on the ceiling always catch your eye. And the imperceptible cracks at first will only grow with time. You can try to paint over the defects or hide them with a new chandelier, but you will be happy with the result for a while.

If you try to paint a small spot, you will still be able to see it. Even a white shade is very difficult to find. In the kitchen it can be yellowish from fat, in the rooms it can be grey from dust. It is better to remove the whole coating, align it if necessary, and repaint it. If you are too lazy to paint, you can order a good stretch ceiling.

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Squeaky floors and chips

The squeak in the boards on the floor is best removed as soon as it appears. The same applies to chips on the parquet and laminate, in which mildew appears quickly.

The scale of repair in such cases depends only on the size of your wallet. Only squeaky or chipped boards can be replaced. But again, it’s not a fact that you can get into color. Under the parquet, as a rule, squeaked lags, and you need to fix them. This is not fast and dusty, so you are often asked to screw the squeaking boards with screws and overlay a new laminate.

Defects in the walls

It is possible to paste wallpaper, which went in a wave or partially stepped away at the joints for years. You may have initially sold poor quality glue or wallpaper. The easiest way to remove the old coating, level the walls and glue the new wallpaper using quality materials.

Another common problem is cracks on painted walls. They can hide the paint left over from previous repairs, but it will be difficult to get into color, as some paints have the property to burn out in the bright sun or fade over time. The painted area is likely to crack again, so it is better to repaint the whole wall.

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Electricity malfunctions

If you need to change wiring, get ready to make a complete repair. Strolling will not leave your walls and ceilings unharmed.

Is the apartment flickering light bulbs? That’s a reason to call an electrician, too. In some cases, you can not change all the wiring, and find a specific place, puncture the wall and fix it. But you still have to fill in a piece of wall.

Electricity is not a good joke. If you often get corks, sockets or wires hot, it’s a good idea to get a good electrician to think about changing the wiring. And if it hasn’t been changed in the last 50 years, it’s just necessary.

Changes in life.

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When there are children in the family, most couples think about repairing. To equip a nursery for your baby, it is important to consider not only the color and functionality of materials, but also their safety. The same applies to renovating the room when the child has grown up and is going to school, or when it is time to equip 3 season or 4 season sunroom in San Jose.

The walls under the wallpaper are better prepared by covering them with plaster. Do not choose the cheapest one: budget plasters can crack, and it is not always possible to vouch for their safe composition. Of course, the safest materials are natural, but no one will be joking the car in the nursery. The easiest way to stick wallpaper on the walls. If you are too lazy to mess with whitewash, you can make stretch ceilings. But again, it is important to choose not the cheapest ones. Economy-variants, as a rule, contain PVC. I recommend stretching fabric ceilings with quality impregnation. Thanks to 24 Hour Sliding Door Repair for collaborating


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