Landscaping Tips That Can Help Sell Your Home Quickly


If you are putting your house on the market, you may well have paid great attention to the tidiness and presentability of your home’s interior. With the interior of the house looking its best it could well be time to devote some love and time to the outside, especially in light of recent research that suggests a well-kept and maintained garden could add as much as 20% to the value of a property.

Landscaping your garden doesn’t have to mean a complete and expensive overhaul. In fact, a handful of small changes and attention to tidiness can be an inexpensive but effective way to sell your house quickly and for a greater price.

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Maintenance Matters: inexpensive changes that make a big difference

Landscaping your home to increase saleability doesn’t have to mean expensive extensions, constructions or redesigning. One of the simplest ways to improve your garden and raise the price of your home is to give attention to your garden’s maintenance and tidiness. With most homeowners lavishing attention on the inside of their house ready for estate agent’s photographers, it makes sense to spread this attention across everything that comes with the property.

A simple clean-up of the yard can go far. This includes weeding, the removal of branches and debris, broken ornaments or tools, and pet waste. Such a clean-up will provide an instant return on your work; whilst it may not add immediate value to your property the appealing site of the outdoor space will provide greater appeal to those viewing your home online or visiting on a viewing. Fresno landscaping and tree experts can help with tasks that are too hard or time consuming for you to take on yourself.

Another advantage of general garden maintenance is that the assets and appeal of your outdoor spaces become immediately noticeable. With surrounding overgrowth and weeds cleared, your garden’s ornamental features, pathways, fences and patios will stand out more, as features in a tidy garden with obvious appeal that suggest themselves to homebuyers as a positive space in which to build outdoor dreams.

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Planting Positive Signs: adding to your garden spaces

With the existing assets and spaces of your garden made clearer with good maintenance, it might be time to think about adding to your landscape. Ideally the plants in a garden should foster a pleasing atmosphere, whilst attractively framing the house and its front door. For this you need not invest in expensive mature trees and large-scale ornamental features. Simple but attractive shrubs, flowing flower baskets and dependable evergreen plants are all reliable choices to line pathways and create an attractive frontage for your home.

As well as drawing out the attractiveness of your home, the placement of plants can simultaneously be used to mask or deemphasise less attractive and unavoidable features of the garden. Well placed shrubs are a smart way to hide the likes of bins and drains, and focus sightlines away from undesired views such as garages or unkempt neighbouring plots. Sticking to shrubs also allows you to be more free with your plant placement, as you won’t have to worry about roots causing damage to foundations.

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Landscaping a Living Space: making a garden part of the home

With garden spaces rendered attractive assets, and an encouraging advertisement for the home, you might think about more substantial editions to the garden. Large scale landscaping can be expensive, and the high cost of such additions does not always translate into resale value, especially with purely ornamental features such as fountains, stone ornaments or fire pits. With resale value on mind its best to focus on additions that directly add to the garden as a space in which to spend time.

It may be tempting to splash out on a large play area for children, but this and similar ideas are not adaptable to every homebuyer, and can be an unwise option unless your own family plans to make use of it. The best features to invest in are simple patios, decking, and garden furniture, a place in which potential home buyers can see themselves and their loved ones sitting and enjoying the garden. Alongside these additions, simple but well-placed lighting, as well as mulching garden beds, will keep spaces looking ready to be inhabited and used for outdoor occasions, whilst attention paid to fencing will repay in the attractive edge it adds to your garden’s bounds.

Landscaping to sell your home quickly doesn’t have to be expensive; with the right priorities, and with attention paid to what will entice a new homebuyer, attention to your garden can add value to your home as well as draw in more buyer attention. Thanks to We Buy Any Home for consulting.


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