The Importance of Garden Weed Removal for Pest Control


There are few things more beautiful than a well maintained garden filled with healthy flora and fauna. Unfortunately though this isn’t achieved without significant effort. Setting up a nice garden is one thing; keeping it like that, an entirely different prospect. A fair proportion of this maintenance will likely come down to pest control. Many passionate gardeners know this and it’s why they might invest so much time and money in it. After all, let pests have their way with your garden unsupervised and it won’t be looking so beautiful for long.

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Weeds are a major culprit

Weeds may not seem too harmful initially, but they pose a major threat to the flourishing life of your garden in more ways than one. So if you really want to make your lawn beautiful, you have to make the most hospitable environment as possible for your grass and garden, by eradicating weeks. First and foremost, they are competition for resources. There are only so many nutrients to go around from the soil, only so much water to soak up. If most of this is being stolen by hungry weeds, there’s less to nourish the plants you actually want to grow. To make it worse, weeds take up valuable space and will strangle your plants so they can’t fully utilize the nutrients they do manage to get. In the end you’ll be left with an overrun garden that looks merely a shadow of its former self. No doubt weeds can feel like a pest all by themselves, but this is before considering the various other problems they may cause.

A magnetic attraction for insects

Before the weeds take over completely, you’ll have a major issue in the meantime: insects who feed on them. Why is this bad? Simply because once those insects get bored of weeds, they’re sure to move on to the more appetising and appealing other residents of your garden. Once they’ve been attracted primarily by the presence of weeds, there’s nothing stopping them feeding their way through your lovingly organised flower bed or other decorative plants in the immediate vicinity. If it reaches that point, you may be left wishing you took care of the problem at its source by getting rid of those weeds.

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The silent spreader of disease

If weeds don’t strangle your garden first, they may have another unpleasant gift in store. Many types of weeds are known to carry harmful diseases for other plants, and these can easily be passed between them if an insect feeds on a weed before moving on to another part of your garden. Not unlike how sickness spreads between humans and potentially just as harmful to your mini plant-based civilisation if left unchecked.

Weeds upset the ecosystem

The reasons outlined above should be enough to reinforce the need for weed removal or weed and grass killer to halt the spread of pests and protect your garden. But another often overlooked element is just how harmful the abundance of weeds can be for a local ecosystem, which isn’t good for anything else in the area. Your pleasant-looking flowers and plants rely on pollination to thrive; weeds serve as a substitute for them and will be stealing it like they do other sources of sustenance. An overabundance of weeds therefore prevents natural pollination from occurring.

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Prioritise Weed Removal

There’s little doubt that by prioritising weed removal from your garden, you’re taking a positive step in preventing pests from taking it over. There are a few different ways this can be done. If you spot weeds early, you could try removing them by hand – though you have to be thorough, making sure you get the roots if you don’t want it coming back immediately. Also, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, emerging weeds may be hard for the naked eye to spot. If you’re concerned about the problem getting out of hand, getting professional assistance is the recommended action. Choose a reliable company like Excel Pest Services, who specialise in this kind of pest control.

Benefits of going professional

By hiring fully trained, certified professionals for the job like the ones at Aptive Exterminator, you’ll have the assurance it will be done right. They offer a 100% guarantee of year-round service, with valuable experience of working through all four seasons and specialised plans designed around fixing your pest problem permanently. Choose professional help and you’ll have peace of mind that your garden will soon be weed and pest-free.

Gardens are precious things that many homeowners pride themselves on. They also might be the first thing visitors observe upon arriving at your home. Don’t let weeds and eventual pests be the unwelcome guests that ruin those first impressions. Prioritise garden weed removal today. Thanks to Excel Pest for collaborating


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