Styling a sofa – tips and tricks


A lot of effort goes into choosing a sofa. There are lots of things to consider, and by the time you finally have your sofa delivered and it’s in your home, doing any more work on how it looks can be the last thing you want to do. However, there are some real benefits to styling your sofa with accessories. Today we have teamed up with Robinson of England, a company who hand craft and restore Chesterfield sofas and chairs. They have provided some tips and tricks for styling your sofa, which can really help it feel part of your home.

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As probably the most well-known and easiest accessory to style a sofa with, it shouldn’t be a surprise that cushions are on this list. When added without much thought or attention to detail, cushions or pillows can look out of place and be more of an annoyance and a hindrance than something that will improve your sofa. But when appropriately added, cushions can enhance the look and feel of any sofa.

Some key things to consider are the size, feel and colour of your cushions. Finding ones which won’t take up a huge amount of room on your sofa is essential. Cushions that you have to take off to be able to sit on the sofa aren’t benefiting anyone. Even if you have a large sofa, smaller cushions tend to be more practical, and by using multiple small cushions, you can achieve a balanced look. It’s worth starting out with a small number and gradually adding more if you feel it’s needed, rather than piling loads of cushions on right away.

Getting the colour combinations right with the cushions on your sofa is vital. To make your sofa feel part of the room, it can sometimes be a good idea to use other colours from around the room, perhaps from a rug on the floor or some art on the wall. Finding complementary colours using a colour wheel is also useful, however, don’t be put off using patterns. The right pattern can really enhance a sofa and break up a big block of colour.

You may think that finding the right softness of cushion is more of a practical concern than a design consideration. However, the softness and build of a cushion can actually have an impact on how it looks on your sofa and is something you need to consider. Some soft cushions can sag and look messy. Do you want to be plumping the cushions each day to keep them looking their best? If not, a firmer cushion will be a better option as they hold their shape and require less work.


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Having a blanket draped over your sofa is just as beneficial for practical reasons as it is for stylistic ones. Being able to curl up under a blanket in the evenings, especially during the winter months is a really lovely feeling and can make a big difference if you’re cold. From a stylistic point of view, they are also great for adding more colour to your room. Much in the way a rug can bring a distinctive pattern into your room, a blanket can do the same. It’s worth considering the weight of a blanket when choosing one for your sofa. While a ticker blanket will keep you warmer, if this isn’t your primary concern, going for a thinner one will make it easier to drape over the back or edge and avoid it looking bulky.

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Armrest table

If you don’t have room for a coffee table or side tables, then looking for an armrest table is an excellent way of adding an accessory to your sofa, which is really useful. We have all had those time where you sit down on your sofa with a drink and realise you have nowhere to put it. You either have to balance your drink on the sofa or put it on the floor. Either place can result in spills which can cause stains. A wooden armrest table, which fits over your sofa’s armrest, provides a flat and stable surface to place a drink or plate of food. While not all sofas have armrest which these will work with if yours does, they are a great little accessory which is really useful.

Styling your sofa with accessories is an excellent way of showing your personality. You can be as quirky or minimalist with the items you choose as you like. Accessorising your sofa helps give it a more rounded look and makes it feel like a part of your room. This is particularly useful with a new sofa and can help it from sticking out from the rest of a room. Thanks to Chesterfields of London for collaborating.


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