How to set up a home office that works for you


Do you want to set up a functional workspace at home? Want to make sure that it truly suits your requirements? When it comes to working environments, we all have different needs – which can make setting up a home office a tad tricky. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to help you create an office that truly works for you.  

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Consider your requirements

Before you start buying equipment for your new home office, it’s essential to consider what you need to carry out your job effectively and efficiently. For instance, do you need a large desk with ample space for illustrations, artwork, or design projects? Do you need a small desk that’s kitted out with monitors and other IT equipment? Do you need loads of physical storage for paperwork? Whatever your requirements, make sure you design your office space in line with those needs to ensure it truly functions for you.

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Set a realistic budget

It’s important to carefully consider the costs prior to designing your space. Before you start shopping for items, set a realistic budget that suits both your financial situation and what you need. There’s no point splashing out on all-singing all-dancing equipment if you simply won’t use it for your job. The key here is to get the basics right – for instance if you’re a graphic designer, you may want to dedicate a sizeable chunk of your budget to a high-quality laptop, while a photographer may need to invest in a camera, lighting equipment and so on. While having the right tools for your job is important, it’s also essential to spend sensibly in line with your budget.

Pick a suitable space

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One of the most important things to consider when creating a home office is its location. If possible, choose an area of your home away from your sleeping and lounging areas – such as a spare bedroom, a converted loft or other space. This is so that you can effectively separate your working and home life. Not only will this help you to be more productive during working hours, but also allow you to shut the door and relax after a long day.

Prioritise your comfort

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If you will be working in your home office regularly, make sure your space is functional and comfortable. Invest in a good-quality office chair that supports your back and neck, especially if you’ll be sitting at a desk for extended periods. You should also ensure that your monitor or laptop screen is the appropriate distance away and at the right height for your eye line. This is really important for your health and wellbeing so make this a priority when kitting out your space. You can check out more tips for creating an ergonomic workstation on Posturite’s website.

By picking the most suitable location in your home, setting yourself a realistic budget, understanding your requirements and ensuring your space offers you the comfort you need – you can create an efficient home office that truly suits your unique requirements.


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