7 Window Privacy Options and Ideas That Are Actually Stylish


While big windows are great for home design, they compromise your privacy. Stay safe with these 7 design-worthy window privacy options and ideas.

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Did you know that almost 60% of Americans believe that it’s almost impossible to navigate the internet today without having companies collect and track their personal data? On top of that, more than 40% of US citizens believe that they are unable to efficiently protect their data while exploring the internet. Facts like these reveal that internet users have less and less privacy online.

But in real life, the situation is not that grim. For example, there are many window privacy options that you can take advantage of to prevent the neighbors’ prying eyes from spying on you. Keep reading to find out a few window privacy ideas that make you feel much safer in your house.

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Use Traditional Window Blinds

Using window blinds is the most popular and cost-effective choice. For example, Venetian blinds or horizontal blinds are commonly found in American households. They are available in different colors, they can be made from different types of materials including vinyl and metal, and they require little to no maintenance. 

You can open and close your window blinds manually or go for motorized window blinds that are operated using a remote. These products don’t feature cords, so it’s not possible for your kids or pets to get tangled in them. Traditional Venetian window blinds can offer privacy as well as blocking UV rays from harming your skin or fading your furniture items.

Use Different Types of Curtains

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Basic curtains also provide a very popular way to block excessive sunlight and enjoy a cooler temperature in your house during hot summer days. Similar to window blinds, curtains come in various colors and they can be made from different types of fabrics. You can choose the color or design pattern of your curtains depending on the interior decor of your house.

Homeowners go for different types of curtains. For example, lighter curtains are made from soft fabrics and they provide privacy while allowing the light to enter your house. Heavier curtains are made from denser fabrics and they can block up to 100% of sunlight while providing privacy. You can use a combination of both light and heavy curtains, depending on your preferences and needs.

Go for Window Shades

Another category of window privacy option consists of shades. These are made from fabrics and they don’t feature slates as blinds do. They offer complete privacy and can be easily operated. They also block the sunlight partially or totally, depending on the type of shades you buy. Needless to say, window shades also come in various colors and design options, so you can use them to improve the interior aesthetics of your property.

Use Window Films

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Homeowners can also go for a decorative window film that also serves practical purposes. Today’s window films are made from different materials and can have beneficial properties. For example, they offer privacy, they can deflect excessive sunlight and block UV rays. Since window films reflect most of the light coming from the sun, you don’t have to use the AC too often because the temperature inside your house remains low.

Window films are usually installed on the inside and they can be put into place by you without requiring complex tools or extensive training. If you are a tenant, window films provide a great way to add privacy because they can be easily removed when you move out. Some window films also add strength to the window glass, making it stronger and more resistant to burglar attacks and high-speed winds.

Choose Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are popular additions to bathrooms or kitchens. They are similar to window blinds because they feature slats, they come in various colors, and can be made from different materials. However, interior shutters can be opened completely if you want to look outside and enjoy an unobstructed view.

The slats can also be opened using a long wooden piece that’s installed vertically. Similar to Venetian blinds, interior shutters don’t feature cords and they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different window designs and requirements.

Go for Window Privacy Screens Mounted Outside

Let’s say that you want to be able to open the bathroom windows for ventilation purposes, but don’t want to let prying eyes spy on you while you take a shower. In this case, you can go for exterior window privacy screens. These are mounted on the outside of the window, leaving an opening of several inches to let steam out after taking a shower.

These screens also feature slats that can be opened or closed to let sunlight inside your bathroom. Your exterior privacy screens can be made from vinyl or metal and they also offer decent protection against burglars. You can have them in different colors as well.

Opt for Frosted Glass Windows 

Frosted glass is very popular when it comes to shower doors. They are also used often in commercial buildings to increase privacy without creating the sensation of enclosed space. Frosted glass is basically a regular type of glass that features a textured design. The texture of the glass distorts the view, so you cannot see much behind it. You might be able to distinguish rough shapes and colors, but that’s pretty much it.

Textured glass can also be strengthened to prevent injuries while taking a shower. Although frosted glass is commonly used in bathrooms, you can install it pretty much everywhere in your house. Just remember that its privacy properties work both ways – others cannot see inside but you cannot see much outside either.

Now You Know the Most Popular Window Privacy Options

These are some of the most common window privacy options, but there are plenty of others. It’s up to you now to come up with a budget and get the right privacy option depending on your priorities and preferences. These ideas are not expensive to put into practice and they also add to home value.

For more useful information on how to add privacy to your house, how to block excessive sunlight, and how to improve your living conditions, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website. Thanks to Bedrosians for collaborating.


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