Finding Peace and Balance Through Your Interior Design


When you’re feeling an imbalance in your energy, or you can feel low mood striking, it can be useful to look at external factors. There are many areas that contribute to low mood: for instance, whether you are getting enough exercise, eating a balanced diet, and also work-life balance. If you have considered these areas, but you’re still looking to find serenity, you may not have considered the part played by your home environment in finding your inner peace. 

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When it comes to creating an environment that is balanced and serene, there are a few ancient techniques that can be used. Feng Shui is a Chinese practice which balances our interior decor with the natural world to bring calm and serenity to our surroundings. Feng Shui focuses on the positioning of certain elements in a room, and uses elements of nature to create a space which brings peace. It is the original minimalism, and can help you to declutter and rearrange your apartment, which will in turn help to clear space in the mind. 

The use of natural elements can also be seen in traditional Japanese decor, which often incorporates bamboo and natural textiles to create bright, flexible spaces. The use of sliding doors allows rooms to flow freely between each other without obstructing space. The biggest difference between Chinese and Japanese design is the use of color. While Feng Shui encourages the use of color in order to create balance, Japanese design puts an onus on the natural, thus creating spaces which are often neutral in color, and therefore allow for a different type of serenity to Chinese design. 

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Looking after your mind is an incredibly important part of finding serenity in the home. If you are plagued by stress on a daily basis, it would suggest that there is a bigger reason for a feeling of imbalance. Speaking to a spirit guide or trying tarot readings can be a good way to get some perspective and bring yourself back to the present. TheCircle offers many different spiritual practices which can work alongside your interior design practice and bring serenity to your home.

You don’t have to follow the strict guidelines of any school of interior design. Taking elements that suit your space and personality is the best way to create a home which provides balance. For example, interior designer and expert in tidying up, Marie Kondo, borrows elements from many different schools of thought in order to create the KonMarie method, which has taken off around the world. The KonMarie method takes the spirituality of Feng Shui and adds the minimalist touches of Japanese design in order to create a new way of thinking about space. 

via Lisa Furey Interiors

When life is bringing you imbalance, try to turn to your space to find a solution. Perhaps it might mean that you attack your space with a paintbrush and bring in new furnishings. It could mean that you spend a day sorting through clutter and moving the sofa to a space by the window. Whatever you choose to do with your space, finding inner peace and balance is easy once you understand the measures you can take to create a serene living environment. Thanks to The Circle for contributing!


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