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To have an organized home, you will need to find unique solutions for every space. It can be hard on your budget and stress level to try to build or purchase a custom storage solution for all the spaces in your home—but it doesn’t have to be. You can achieve home organization with PVC! Here are just a few of the best ideas to organize each room of your home with affordable, simple, and customizable PVC projects.

Kitchen Organization with PVC

Even the most beautiful kitchen design will fall short if it doesn’t function day-to-day. By using PVC to create a well-organized kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy the time you spend cooking and baking!

Kitchen Utensil Organizer

You can easily maximize the storage space in your kitchen by cutting one length of PVC and creating a space for your utensils on the inside of your cabinet doors. For this project, you can either use a saw to cut your PVC or get it cut at your local hardware store.

Then, just sand the rough edges, use acetone to remove any writing, and attach the PVC to your cabinet with mounting tape. This kitchen utensil organizer could be completed in just a few hours!

Wine Rack

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Using PVC to organize your wine is easily the most affordable method to customize a wine rack. You will need two sizes of PVC, some PVC cement, a saw, sandpaper, and your choice of spray paint.

You’ll cut your PVC to length, use the cement to attach the pieces together, and then paint your PVC any color. Check out the full tutorial here.

PVC Elbow Hooks

You probably never looked at PVC elbows and thought, “What exciting pieces of decor!” But with just a little bit of paint, PVC elbows can transform into stylish and functional wall hooks. This could work in any room of your house, but it could be a great way to organize and display utensils outside of your cabinets.

Bathroom Organization with PVC

You don’t normally think about organizing a bathroom with PVC, but there are a few important reasons this material works so well. Many bathrooms are short on space, and PVC can add practical, functional, space-saving storage solutions. PVC is also an easy material to clean, which is especially important when you’re setting up any bathroom.

Floating PVC Shelves

Floating shelves are everywhere right now. They are a beautiful way to add storage and function to any room. A perfect way to display unique floating shelves in your bathroom is by mounting short lengths of large diameter PVC on the wall. These circular shelves are a perfect way to display towels and toilet paper!

Hair Dryer Tool Holder

It’s easy to allow your hair dryer to clutter up your bathroom sink. It’s annoying to take it in and out of a cabinet every day, which is why you should use PVC to create an easy and stylish hair dryer holder!

If you have multiple tools for your hair, like a dryer, curler, and straightener, then you just need one piece of PVC with a 45-degree connector. You can paint it any color or design, then either sit it on your counter or mount it on your wall.

Custom Toothbrush Holder

Does it gross you out when your toothbrushes touch each other? That’s why you need individual toothbrush holders. To make these, you just need one length of one-inch diameter PVC pipe, and end caps for each holder you’re planning to make.

Simply cut the PVC into four-inch sections, screw on the end cap, and hang with command strips. You can then decorate them with paint or stickers. The best part is that these toothbrush holders are easily washable!

Living Room Organization with PVC

When you imagine using PVC in your living room, you probably picture the white or grey pipes straight from the hardware store, which isn’t exactly stylish. However, there are thousands of different ways you can disguise PVC and use it to bring style into your home.

Industrial PVC Shelves

Are you a fan of the industrial look? You can create the look of industrial shelving without the price tag of real pipes. You’ll need to measure your space to figure out what size wood pieces you need and the right amount of piping.

While this project takes a lot more steps than some of the other organizational projects, you could end up with a custom set of shelves for $20-30. The key to making this project look industrial is metallic spray paint! Make sure you read the full tutorial before you get started on your shelves!

Shoe Organizer

Do the shoes in your entryway pile up and drive you crazy? With a long length of six-inch piece of PVC pipe, you can create a perfect space to sort the shoes by your front door. No more digging through the pile to find a match—each pair of shoes has its own space.

To build this PVC shoe organizer, all you need is the pipe, a saw to cut the pieces, and PVC glue. You can paint the pipes or cover them with adhesive paper to get the look you want.

Bedroom Organization with PVC

Your bedroom should reflect you. It should be a comforting, calming place that doesn’t cause any additional stress. That means that you need organization systems that fit the space and make it easy to keep it organized.

Laundry Hamper

If you need a laundry basket with a very specific size, you can just make your own with PVC! You need a laundry bag, ½ inch PVC pipe, eight elbows, eight Tee PVC pieces, a measuring tape, and saw or PVC pipe cutter.

After you cut the pipe to the right sizes, attach your eight Tee pieces to both sides of four of your pipes. Then, connect the elbow pieces to make two rectangles. The last step is to add the four longer pieces of pipes and the laundry bag. There you have it—the quickest and cheapest way to make a custom laundry hamper!

Home Organization with PVC

If these incredible project ideas didn’t convince you to include PVC in your home organization, there are thousands of other projects all over the Internet. There are so many ways you can utilize and customize PVC pipes to make your home a more beautiful and functional place. Thanks to PVC Fittings for collaborating.

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