Serena & Lily partners with Mindy Kaling for a pattern-happy office makeover


I know Mindy Kaling from her character Kelly in The Office, so I’ve been a fan for awhile. I was super excited to hear that she partnered with Serena and Lily to design the office of her production company. It didn’t disappoint. The design blends Kaling’s fun personality via the use of bold patterns with SL’s calm and feminine approach via the use of modern pastels.

via Serena & Lily

I think this space is soooo pretty! The rug is funky and eclectic but the subdued colors keep it calm. Kaling wanted the sitting room to feel like the living room in a home, since she often entertains her toddler there and has meetings in the space.

via Serena & Lily

The rattan furniture makes her office feel homey. For me, a homey office makes me more productive.

What were your hopes for the space?I wanted the space to feel soft and inviting, but also productive. With a feminine and creative vibe that didn’t put people to sleep.

via Serena & Lily

Of the color palette, Kaling said “Pastel is something that normally I would veer away from, and yet this office is full of beautiful blushes and pastels, and it feels utterly me. The process was such a joy because the entire team at Serena & Lily just completely got what I was looking for and was able to execute it.”

All in all I think this design was a huge success. There are so many elements I would love in my own office! Read and see more at Serena & Lily


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