10 Tips to Make Your Small Home Live Worthy During The Lockdown


The massive outbreak of coronavirus has made people around the world lock themselves in their house and perform their regular work from there.

While it’s not a big deal for those who have a large apartment and a small family, things can be really challenging for those living in a small house. Keeping yourself isolated or sharing a place for working can be difficult if there’s not enough space.

However, you don’t need to worry. You can still adapt in a confined space for living and working comfortably by doing some little changes.. These upgrades  won’t cost you much, also you and your family members won’t feel claustrophobic anymore.

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Tips for Living in a Small House During Lockdown

Since you’re stuck in the home for an uncertain time, it’s essential that you take the necessary steps to make that space workable for you. The following tips will help you to adapt to the livingspace you  are in.

Concentrate on The Windows

If you have windows that don’t provide enough light and air, it will affect your living condition,  and also your productivity. That’s why you may need to change the entire setup of the windows.

It’s going to be difficult to hire a carpenter to upgrade your interior at this moment. However, with the help of some of the useful tools such as cordless drills, saws, etc. you can easily do it at home.

Since you can’t go out, you may want to spend some time beside the window, maybe to get some outside views with a cup of coffee. So, don’t forget to decorate it a bit to bring a nice and peaceful vibe.

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Create a Home Office

If you’re working from home, you may need a quiet space for a long time for that.

If it’s not possible to have a separate room for working, use the corner of your bedroom or the lobby where you can work in peace. Use a room divider around your desk to get isolated from others while  working.

Maintain Privacy While You’re on a Video Conference

You may have already seen some of the funny videos of how kids and pets appear in the middle of a video call and almost ruin the entire meeting. While they seem funny in the video, they are not in real life.

That’s why you need the utmost privacy while you’re in such meetings. If you’re already using a room divider or have chosen a corner of the room, just make sure no one enters there while you’re having the meeting.

Also, you can use a temporary do not disturb sign, you can hang on the divider so that  your family member knows there’s an important meeting going on.

What About Working in a Shared Room?

Since you’re living in a compact apartment, chances are you have to share the workspace with your spouse or other family members. How are you going to work without disturbing each other?

If you’re working on the same table, putting a divider in the middle of the table like a frosted glass can help both of you  to concentrate on the work.

And if you’re not sharing a table but still working in the same room, sitting in a way where you don’t have to face each other can help a lot.

Go for Neutral Wall With a Darker Ceiling

Using dark and multiple colors can make your home look busy and congested. So Choose a light, neutral color that will make any space feel bigger.

However, go for a darker shade while choosing the color for the ceiling. A relatively darker ceiling feels like it’s far away from the floor and the room looks bigger than its actual size.

Choose Curtain Over Door

Most people use a sliding door when  using a big room for two different purposes. However, doing so could take up your precious space.

So in its place,  hang a curtain. It not only creates privacy around the bed but also allows the light to stream through and doesn’t weigh down the room.

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Go Vertical

Using horizontal shelves and wardrobes can take a lot of space and make your house look congested. So you should opt for taller shelves to keep your belongings.

Instead of keeping your accessories in a box and occupying the floor, keep them in an open vertical shelf. It will save a lot of space on the floor and make your home look bigger.

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Choose Low Furniture

If your home comes with a super low ceiling, you need to avoid furniture that is too tall. Opt for tables and chairs that are a bit low.

Another great idea is to use the floor rather than sitting high on a chair. Doing so will make you feel like you have a bigger space. Besides, the less furniture you have, the easier it becomes to maintain.

Opt for Furnishing That Can Do Multitasks

Furnishing that serves double duty can be a big life-saver in small apartments.

For example, you can use a corner nook as a great place to hang out when there’s a guest, but you can also use it as a dining table or when working from home.

Use Mirrors

Hanging a mirror on the wall can be an excellent way to create the illusion of space. While it won’t reflect the whole room, it will help the room look bigger by making you feel there’s another space behind the wall.

However, since you’re living in a small house or in a studio apartment, make sure the mirror you’re using is functional. Using one for decorations and another for looking  will be a waste of money and space.

Final Thoughts

Your home is not only a place to eat your dinner and sleep. It’s your sanctuary where you can feel safe and relaxed along with your family members.

It may be difficult to avoid disturbance and tension due to the pandemic while  working, , you can still manage to do everything smoothly by being a bit creative and smart.

With the help and cooperation of your family member, you can easily decorate your house and make it a great living space during this lockdown. Thanks to Wood Working Toolkit!


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