Summer Is Coming: How to Keep Your House Cool in 2020


Summer is on its way, and it’s time to think about making your home heat-proof. Read on to learn how to keep your house cool this year. Now, if heat-proofing your house is turning out to be harder than you imagine, you can always opt for improving your outdoor area, for a more comfortable summer. Start browsing through some patio furniture, like these garden umbrellas.

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on running the A/C unit this summer, you need to know how to keep your house cool without it. Also, it’s important to make sure your HVAC is kept in good working condition by consulting an HVAC expert like Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning for days when you must run the A/C.

Fortunately, staying comfortable doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some useful tips to keep your house cooler in the hot months of the year, no A/C required.

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Open the Windows at Night

One of the best ways to regulate your home temperature is to open your windows at night after dark and close them before it gets hot outside. This traps the cool night air in your home and keeps the hot air out.

Plus, every night you get to air out your rooms and fall asleep to a gentle breeze.

The trick to making this work is to make sure you get up and close all the windows before the sun comes out. It may be a good idea to set your alarm for sunrise, and take advantage of the early morning hours.

Get Insulating Windows

If your windows aren’t that great, regulating your home’s temperature by opening the windows at night won’t help too much. The cool air will seep out and the warm back in throughout the day.

So make sure you have high quality and properly insulated windows. Without them, your savings will fly out the window.

So if you know you need to replace your windows, spring might be a great time so you can take advantage of them throughout summer. You can find out how to pick a good window company here.

Cover Windows in Direct Sun

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If you have big windows located directly in the sun, its probably your pet’s favorite cozy spot. But these big windows give your home a greenhouse effect.

Make sure you have big curtains that can block out the sun, such as blackout curtains with a white back. This will reflect the sun and keep it from warming up your house.

Avoid the Oven

There’s a reason summer grills are so popular – cooking anything in the oven can heat your home as well. Instead, opt for foods that don’t need to be baked.

Alternately, cooking with your oven throughout the winter can be a great way to cut down on heating costs.

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Get a Home Energy Audit

Call your local utility company and ask for a home energy audit. They can point out all the places in your home where hot air is seeping in through the cracks. This is most often culprits like door gaps or leaky windows, but heat can even be coming in through recessed lights.

A home energy audit will help you identify all the leaky places. But you’ll also likely get good advice on how to cut back on your overall energy usage, and save even further down the line.

Home energy audits are becoming more popular, so it may be a while before anyone can come to your home. Schedule your audit early, ideally before you need it.

Invest in Good Insulation

Just like you need good windows, make sure the rest of your home is properly insulated too. This will help save you money all year round and keep your home at a cozy temperature.

The average cost of adding insulation to your attic is between $1700 and $2100, but it’s a smart investment.

Splurging on insulation isn’t necessarily a fun purchase, but it’s worth it. You’ll agree when you aren’t panting in the summer heat.

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Get a Smart Thermostat

If you follow a set schedule and there are hours when no one will be in your home, get a smart thermostat that can follow your schedule. This way, you don’t have to pay to cool your house all day when no one is home.

Instead, schedule when you need to cool your home (say half an hour before you get there) and see the savings roll in. Pro tip: see if your utility company offers thermostat rebates.

Take Advantage of Your Fan

Your house doesn’t need to be at 68 degrees for you to be comfortable. You just need to be comfortable in the air around you. So if you have a fan or ceiling fans, take advantage of them.

Just having air move around you can make it feel ten degrees colder. Want to chill out? Get a baking dish and fill it with ice and put it in front of your fan. The ice will melt and evaporate and the fan will blow the cool air at you so you can quickly cool off.

Improve Your Home’s Air Flow

Do you know what’s better than an open window on a breezy summer day? Two open windows on opposite ends of your house. This creates airflow throughout your space, so the air isn’t sitting stagnant and hot.

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Cut Back on Lights and Electronics

Electronics – even efficient ones – produce heat. So if you want to cut back on how much heat your home is generating, turn off lights, and turn off as many electronics as possible.

Hang a Damp Sheet

Want to let the summer breeze in? Hang a damp sheet over an open window. The moisture from the sheet will help cool your home off.

These Tips Show You How to Keep Your House Cool

Learning how to keep your house cool without racking up a high energy bill can help you stretch your budget throughout the summer. By putting these tips together, you can dramatically cut back on your home’s cooling costs.

Keep checking back for more great ideas to design the house of your dreams. Thanks to GH Clark for contributing!


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