5 Ways to Give Your Home Decorating Some Personality


Decorating your home can a major struggle. You want to make your home reflect you and your taste and style, but also don’t want it to look crazy and out of control. It can be stressful. But, there are some ways to make your home reflect you. Here are five tips you can use that will help you put your own personality into what you put into your home.


A big way to reflect your taste in your home is the type of doors you have. If you like a more rustic feel, look for the best double barn doors for a great, stylish way to help reflect your style inside your home office or dining room. Dutch doors are a great reflection of your personality for your exterior. Whatever you choose, make it show your taste.

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Art can be a focal point for any room. Pick out artwork that is a reflection of places and styles you love that will go with each room. Also, look at the artwork that you got at a special place or that friends or family made or gave you to help bring happy memories in the home. The decorating website decorology.com also suggests that a way to add personality to your home is to take something you have that you wouldn’t normally consider art and making it into a fabulous art piece. An example they use is taking an old piece of wood you have lying around, polishing it, putting some finishing touches on it, and hanging it in your living. That way you can take things you think you might not need anymore and will be able to reuse them.

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In an article from Bustle, a tip they suggest is thinking about the furniture you put in your space. Your furniture is a reflection of you. Look at furniture that is reflective of what your needs are and what your taste is. When you go to the furniture store, think about how each piece of furniture will be functional for each space. What kind of a bed would be good for a guest room? What kind of couch will be good for entertaining? Ask yourself these kinds of questions and you will find the right pieces for each room. Also, look at the rooms themselves and see how the color scheme can fit into your style. Adding accessories, such as blankets, throws, and pillows will also add some personality to the furniture.


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Prints are a big part of home decor. They can show off your sense of style. They can also help enlarge or shrink a space. Prints help give dimension and symmetry to a room as well. Decorology recommends using one big print in a room in a really oversized way. The example they use is a big pink flower print on a couch which is a great contrast to a blue painted wall. The better the prints and colors go together, the better it looks and reflects who you are.

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Going back to color, it is important that each of your rooms have a pop of color somewhere in it. The colors on the wall can reflect the mood of a room. Calmer colors will go better with your bedroom while more welcoming colors will go with your living room. Colors help set the tone of your home. Pick some colors that you like, test them out with your furniture, and see which ones will be the best with your space. You can go to your local paint store and pick out the paint samples you like. 

Your home is your sanctuary. You should make it the way you want it to be. When people come over, they should see you. The way you decorate should reflect that. When you think about each room, think about how it will work for you. If you look at these tips and take them to heart, your home will be a place you will never want to leave. Thanks to Rustica for collaborating!


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