9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Personal Vanity Closet

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Mornings can easily make or break anyone’s day. That’s why it’s important that the space where one spends time preparing for the day ahead will bring positive vibes. Having a vanity table in the closet can easily turn a miserable Monday morning to an exciting glam session.

Here are a few easy ways to revamp the closet with a vanity table.

Get Rid of Clutter and Sell It Online

Decluttering is the key to creating more space in the closet. Start by taking out everything in the closet and laying them on the floor to see. One general rule to follow is tossing out anything that you haven’t used in the past six months. From there, it will be easier to minimize the stuff to put in the closet.

After finalizing which items you don’t want or need anymore, set up an online shop to sell clothes or accessories that haven’t made the cut. This will make it easier to let go of preloved clothes, knowing that they will go to safe hands. This is also an excellent way to earn extra income.

Decide on a Theme

via Andrea West Design

Unify the look and feel of the closet by following a specific theme. Start by picking a dominant color to use on walls or in drawers. Your theme can also help in deciding what kind of storage, furniture, and accessories to use. There is also a great selection of closet themes found online, and these can serve as inspirations in deciding a theme.

Choose a Light Color

A good trick for creating more space is using light colors. Light colors are more reflective and can make any space look more open and airy.

Don’t be limited to only using white to paint the closet walls. Neutral colors pair well with wooden materials and are easy on the eyes. Lastly, add a little pop of color through accessories to add more personality to the space.

Decide on a Closet Shape

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Choose from the three general layouts of closet design. The L-shaped closet has more space to move around but requires one to occupy two walls. The U-shaped closet is perfect for maximizing storage space. The straight closet shape is best for small spaces and is perfect for a his-and-hers style.

Play with Lighting

Illuminate the closet even more with lighting features. When that is done properly, it will be easier for you to see everything inside or apply makeup seamlessly even during nighttime.

Fluorescent light is a top choice in lighting the closet because of its cool tone and energy efficiency. Make sure to get dimmable light bulbs to have full control of the brightness in your space.

Find the Perfect Place for the Vanity

Look for a peaceful corner in the closet to set up your vanity. Make sure the place is sizable enough to put up a table, mirror, and drawers to house makeup products. Don’t forget to have extra space for the chair. If possible, find an area where natural light can come in, preferably right next to a window.

Organize Makeup Products

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Invest in organizers where you can store all the beauty products. Clear bins are excellent for segregating products according to their type or function. Use dividers to separate skin-care products and makeup. Look for pretty pencil holders to organize lipsticks, brushes, and other makeup tools.

Add a Seating Area

The closet should also be a space where one can take a break. A seating area can help during times when you just can’t decide what to wear for the day. Ottomans are perfect to lay down outfits on or to sit down on while trying on shoes. Plus, this can also be an excellent accent piece for the closet.

via Breeze Giannasio

Get Double-Purpose Furniture and Accessories

Scout for furniture that can serve a double purpose. A simple ottoman chair that has a seat that can be lifted can be a perfect storage place for things that aren’t regularly used. Makeup tables with built-in drawers can help save precious space. Unique decor pieces can also be displayed and can serve as accent pieces for the vanity.

Overall, the vanity area should be a space where one can express their creativity through makeup. It should also be able to harbor positivity so anyone can start their day right. Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that can help one build the closet vanity of their dreams. Thanks to Shopify for consulting.


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